Yum-Yum Friday Help

You may have noticed around these parts that The Midnight Goose has recipes on Friday, stupidly referred to as “Yum-Yum Friday”.  Yeah.  I’m basically a child.

Okay.  I’m an American blogger.  All of the measurements/weights in the recipes on Yum-Yum Friday are in imperial.  However, I know that the rest of the world (with few exceptions) go by the metric system.  The U.S. loves to go against the grain, if you hadn’t noticed.  So, in order to help out members of the Goose Army that use the metric system, here are a few helpful tools for converting measurements/weights in the recipes to metric measurements/weights:

The Metric Kitchen

If any other help is needed–or you actually use the metric system and have tips/tricks for me to add here, feel free to Contact Me!

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