“The List” – Or “Why I Got Fired By My Therapist”

Happy Monday, Goose Army!  And welcome back to Das Goose! Okay.  Let's cut the shit. I like to tell friends the story about how--when I first started going to regular therapy (back when I was regularly going to therapy)--I got fired by my therapist for being a complete lost cause.  But I never tell the whole story.  … Continue reading “The List” – Or “Why I Got Fired By My Therapist”

A New Flight Pattern

Happy Friday from The Midnight Goose, my lovely Goose Army! Today isn't a full "real" post at all--but an announcement to explain some changes around Das Goose. Starting Monday 10/1/18 (1/10/18 for those across the pond), The Midnight Goose Blog is changing to a 3-day a week posting schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Monday the … Continue reading A New Flight Pattern

Yum-Yum Friday: Bhindi Masala

Let's talk Indian food, motherfuckers.  Don't act shocked by my language.  We all know I'm classy AF, right? Anyhoozles, Indian takeout is the best takeout that there is, even considering Chinese and Thai food.  Don't come at me on this--you. will. lose. There's nothing I love more than a good samosa, biryani, naan, dosas, a … Continue reading Yum-Yum Friday: Bhindi Masala

Nothing Happened…Then Everything Happened

You've had 4 cups of coffee.  I told myself.  That's why you feel anxious. You ate too much sugar.  I rolled my eyes. That's why you feel anxious. You read too many news articles and spent too much time on social media.  I chastised myself.  That's why you feel depressed. You watched a sad movie and listened to … Continue reading Nothing Happened…Then Everything Happened

Things My Wife Says – An Ongoing Saga – Pt. 11

JoJo (the missus) shows me her moose knuckle and balls on a fairly regular basis. Wait.   Let me back up here. Here's The Thing™ - JoJo shows me pictures of moose knuckles and balls on a fairly regular basis.  I know you're probably asking yourself why a man's wife would show him pictures of other men's junk...and...well...I … Continue reading Things My Wife Says – An Ongoing Saga – Pt. 11

August 2018 Book(s) Review(s)

It’s my favorite time of the month again – Book Review Day!  Yay!  There’s really not much that’s new that I can tell you all about my love of books at this juncture…I’m just kind of obsessed with books and reading.  Some months it’s obvious that I need an intervention of some kind.  Other months, … Continue reading August 2018 Book(s) Review(s)

Yum-Yum Friday: Zucchini Frittata

First things first--I promise that I am now out of all types of squash and next Yum-Yum Friday will not be centered around it.  We good? Anyhoozles...zucchini (and squash, in general) is a very versatile vegetable--and super delicious and healthy.  We've made fritters, ragout, and even muffins.  To round out the "four weeks of squash" … Continue reading Yum-Yum Friday: Zucchini Frittata

Guest Blogger: From Adie, With Love

Note from Allen: Today, I'm so honored to have Adie, blogger extraordinaire at From Adie, With Love guest blogging on The Midnight Goose.  I absolutely adore Adie and her blog (you might have heard me mention her blog a time or dozen before), and I think all of you will, too.  I feel so fortunate … Continue reading Guest Blogger: From Adie, With Love