I Heart (Other) Blogs

Here’s The Thing™ – I love blogs.  I love mine ’cause it’s mine–but I love other people’s blogs a lot more.  If you even just like my blog, you’ll probably love other blogs, too.  Below, I’ve compiled a list of blogs that I frequent at least weekly–most of them on a daily basis.  These folks put out quality content and deserve all of the love that they get.  So if my blog has peaked your interest in the blogosphere and made you strive to broaden your horizons, why not start here?


J.B. Chisolm writes about the adventures of the “British, fabulous, and almost humorous” duo of Vasa and Ypres here.  J.B. was the first blogger I outright accosted online and also graciously agreed to let me review Vasa & Ypres: A Mayfair Conundrum here on The Midnight Goose.  You can find the review here if you’re interested.  J.B. posts on Sundays but sometimes takes breaks to compile new material–or get a new ebook going.  However, there’s A LOT of Vasa and Ypres already posted on the blog, so you have plenty to work with for now!  I highly recommend buying Vasa and Ypres: A Mayfair Conundrum on Amazon in ebook or paperback format or at least reading it on Kindle Unlimited if you’re a subscriber.  You won’t be sorry!


Wayward Sparkles, “Stories of this life gone astray”, is my blog buddy, M.L. James’, blog.  It’s full of stories about her life, her family, and her future hopes and dreams–peppered with lots of humor and realness.


Angel Who Swears belongs to another blog buddy, Kat.  Look, I could say a lot about Kat and her blog–she provides a lot of awesome material to pull from–but this is just full on belly-laughs funny.  She’s another real chick that doesn’t hold back.


As I’ve mentioned before, another blog buddy of mine, Adie, used to call this “The Cupcake Witch”.  Now it’s From Adie, With Love–but that’s all that’s changed–it’s still real, open, honest, raw, with just the right amount of dark humor thrown in.

FULL DISCLOSURE – the three blogs above belong to bloggers that I think were having a little party of their own when I kicked in the door and said: “I’m part of your family now!”  I’ve adopted these three chicks as my friends without their permission–so they’re totally screwed now. *shrugs*  These bloggers are just really great folks and deserve all the love you can throw their way.


Advice I Need Yesterday is a travel/professional blog owned by Nova Halliwell.  While this may make you roll your eyes and say: “There’s so many of those, though.”, let me just say, this one is special.  Nova is poignant, talented, provides awesome pictures, laugh-out-loud funny at times, and lives the life I want when I grow up.  She’s also incredibly gracious and cordial with her readers.  She’s doing it right.


Insomnia Girl is a blog full of snippets of conversations that this blogger has with her “Very Important Thoughts” in the middle of the night when she needs to be sleeping.  It’s hysterical and highly relatable.


Joshi Daniel posts the most amazing photographers of the people and landscapes of India on this blog.  I don’t know what to say other than every. single. one. is absolutely amazing.  I can’t explain enough how much you need to check this photoblog out!


Little Fears is a blog that’s difficult to explain, at least for me.  But it’s full of multimedia that’s full of jokes and monsters.  Just go visit, click on the first post you see, and figure it out on your own.  Trust me…twenty posts later you’ll be wondering why you didn’t follow it before.


Is there anyone funnier than Katie Pitts and her blog Fatty McCupcakes?  Travel, food, and boyfriend’s mothers getting pegged in the head with giant dildoes that fall out of closets–how could you go wrong?


Healthy Living for Hot Mess with Mandi Em is a blog that I recently started following.  I read ONE post about chickpeas being garbage and was like: “Yep.  This is what I’m about.”  You don’t want to miss the humor of this blog.


Phil Taylor uses his blog, The Phil Factor to promote his books and his sarcasm.  The man is absolutely hysterically funny, and I never regret reading a post.  He’s a funny guy with a lot of material, so you better hurry over and catch up!

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