“The List” – Or “Why I Got Fired By My Therapist”

Happy Monday, Goose Army!  And welcome back to Das Goose! Okay.  Let's cut the shit. I like to tell friends the story about how--when I first started going to regular therapy (back when I was regularly going to therapy)--I got fired by my therapist for being a complete lost cause.  But I never tell the whole story.  … Continue reading “The List” – Or “Why I Got Fired By My Therapist”

A New Flight Pattern

Happy Friday from The Midnight Goose, my lovely Goose Army! Today isn't a full "real" post at all--but an announcement to explain some changes around Das Goose. Starting Monday 10/1/18 (1/10/18 for those across the pond), The Midnight Goose Blog is changing to a 3-day a week posting schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Monday the … Continue reading A New Flight Pattern

Nothing Happened…Then Everything Happened

You've had 4 cups of coffee.  I told myself.  That's why you feel anxious. You ate too much sugar.  I rolled my eyes. That's why you feel anxious. You read too many news articles and spent too much time on social media.  I chastised myself.  That's why you feel depressed. You watched a sad movie and listened to … Continue reading Nothing Happened…Then Everything Happened