Below is a list of published (and soon-to-be-published) books.  Some of you that have followed me for quite a while may notice that certain books are missing.  Those books are out of print and no longer available for purchase–except maybe through resellers. I do not have copies for sale.  Sorry.

Anyhoozles, below is a list of books that I’ve published and links to where to buy them.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.


MKPI Odd Case Files: The Cow & The Coven – Zephyr Klynick and Dayl Mayeaux are best friends and partner together to investigate unusual and even paranormal oddities that inflict their North Central Texas town. Life events from their past have led them to become righters of wrong—with each case becoming more and more odd than the previous. Business is never normal.
Things get even more unusual when a mutilated cow carcass is found in a field in a highly populated area of town. Then a prominent religious leader and his brother-in-law come up missing. The police desperately need help from Mayeaux-Klynick Private Investigations—and the mayor does anything but make life easy. Zephyr and Dayl both know they need to solve the cow mutilation mystery to appease the mayor, but they also need to find the missing religious leader.
Bit by bit, the case set before Zephyr and Dayl gets more and more complicated. It quickly becomes clear that a nefarious plot has been set in motion and only Mayeaux-Klynick Private Investigations have the skills to solve the case.

Final Book cover

MKPI Odd Case Files: The Corpse & The Crossroads – Zephyr Klynick and Dayl Mayeaux, private detectives and partners at Mayeaux Klynick Private Investigations are on a new case! Previously, they solved the case of why a mutilated cow was found in a park in the city of Woodman, Texas and why a prominent local religious leader had gone missing. Their newest case proves to be just as strange…and may be even more dangerous.  In MKPI Odd Case Files: The Corpse & The Crossroads, Dayl and Zephyr are hired to find a stolen axe by the owner of a local museum that specializes in “oddities”. Then a woman is found beheaded and mutilated in the middle of Seven Acres Road and Old Chapel Road—a crossroads. Suddenly, men dressed in all black are terrorizing the city by harnessing a power that neither Zephyr nor Dayl have ever seen before. To make matters worse, one of the worst winters that Woodman, Texas has seen in over a decade has settled in, making the city even more dangerous. Over the course of a few days, Dayl and Zephyr find themselves faced with angry city officials, “urban ninjas”, a frustrated museum owner, and a pimp. Embroiled in one of their worst cases ever, Dayl and Zephyr find not just themselves in trouble, but also their loved ones.  Will the private detectives of Mayeaux Klynick Private Investigations solve their latest “odd” case in time? For the city of Woodman, Texas, and for MKPI, business is never usual…

Death on the Dock: A Lake Agate Mystery (Book 1) – At The Cabins at Lake Agate, Preston Owens (owner and operator) can’t exactly tell people that Cabin 6 is haunted. Preston didn’t buy the campgrounds three years prior to attract amateur ghost hunters, nor does he want to scare potential renters away before they even make a reservation. So…he keeps that quiet. Just like he keeps the secret that he can see dead people to himself. And life is good.  But when Ethel and Nicholas, the two spirits who haunt Cabin 6, scare a couple renting the cabin for the night, and then the wife from the couple turns up dead on the dock the next day, things are no longer all that great. And then one of Preston’s employees ends up in the hospital. Things at The Cabins at Lake Agate are no longer peaceful–and Preston knows it’s up to him to solve a murder.