The Midnight Goose is a blog owned and run by Allen T. St. Clair – a struggling blogger and author hustlin’ like the rent was due yesterday.  Me.  I update M-F…but I’m also highly unreliable and a bit flaky, so take that with a grain of salt.

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I was going for an “I watch you while you sleep” look.

If you’ve already read any of my blog posts, you’ll know that the blog tagline “Come for the Nonsense, Stay for the Realness” is pretty accurate.  On The Midnight Goose, I basically blog about anything that comes to mind–books, movies, bouts with the flu, bouts with exotic illnesses (that my inner voice, Gus, imagines), the books I am writing (wrote, write, etc. etc.), theories that I’m the next messiah, marriage, and recipes.  Yeah.  Recipes.  That’s the lifestyle part of the blog I guess.  Basically, I have no set lifestyle–like everyone–so we can all revel in the fact that we all have crazy (albeit boring) lives and can’t all pump out magazines like Martha Stewart.

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The most important part of the blog (for me–and I’m the only person that matters, obviously), is that it allows me to share information and news about my writings with my readers and followers (lovingly coined the “Goose Army” by myself).  The second most important part is that I can ramble about any bullshit that comes to mind and there’s really nothing anyone can do to stop me.  Please don’t call your friendly neighborhood hacker.

For more information, feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. etc.  Pleeeeeeeeease!  Yeah.  I have no shame.  I’m what the kids call “thirsty”.  I think this “About” page is what they call a “thirst trap”…but I only pretend to be hip with the slang, so I’m probably wrong about that.  I do know for certain that I am not a “Hollaback Girl”, though.

There are several ways that The Midnight Goose can help you promote yourself or your products–a fee sheet is available on request.  Everything from newsletter ads, blog ads, blog posts, social media, and editing/proofreading services will be listed on the fee sheet.

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