Well, as threatened, Goose Army, I did a “podcast”.  Enjoy.


13 thoughts on “Podcast #1 – Brenda’s RSVP

  1. Dang, Allen, that prank would have been awesome. I have a running joke with “Kelly” who is a friend of my daughter’s who I blame most things on in my posts! She loves it! I loved the podcast! And after all of that, y’all didn’t go to the event????? What gives? Mona

  2. 1) That would have been fucking hilarious.

    2) I forget that most of the people I know are from states other than California so you should have seen the face I made when I heard your Texas accent.

    3) Is it bad that I started laughing at “go out in the daylight with other people”? Because both daylight and other people are overrated AF. Or maybe that’s just me.

    1. 1) Yes it would have! 2) My accent is soooo slight compared to others here, so that’s funny. 3) We live like vampires. It’s ok most of the time, but sometimes a ghoul needs to see the sun!

  3. Hilarious! Would’ve been a great prank! Love the podcast idea. If I didn’t hate the sound of my own voice, that would be fun to do.

  4. Shaking my head. You still cracking me up!!!! Not that I wouldn’t have beat you for the prank, but it would have been funny, after the fact!!!!! Lovin the Podcast.

  5. Allen speaks! How fun is that?
    I think an occasional pod is a great idea…. as long as they’re not the body snatching kind of pods, because no one needs that.
    And you might be an asshole, but you’re totally my kind of asshole. I would have happily gone along with the Brenda prank.

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