Disclaimer: I wrote this over a week ago, and had to decide whether or not I really wanted to post it.  Since Mondays suck anyway, why not throw this little doozy on the heap?  Enjoy(?).

Full Disclosure: I’m Democrat/Liberal leaning.  However, this is not a post promoting one party over the other.  That is not the takeaway I want you to have.  This post is about Justice, doing the right thing, and practicing your right as an American and getting out to vote every. single. election. cycle.

I really really really debated whether or not I’d blog about this.  I promised myself I wouldn’t get political on The Midnight Goose anymore…but I think what I have to say about a certain Supreme Court nominee (soon to be fully inducted as I’m writing this) has nothing to do with politics.  It’s nonpartisan.  So, let’s talk about this latest fucktornado with the U.S. government.

Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation being pushed through is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice.  But, hold up.  I’m probably not going the direction in which you expect.  Probably.  I believe in the laws of this land.  We have laws for a reason.  I believe in law enforcement.  I have nothing but respect for the people who do the jobs which support justice and the law–especially those who perform their duties in a way that proves they are interested in truth and what is right and not their own personal feelings.  Even if I don’t personally agree with their political leanings or ideas, I have so much respect for people who can perform their duties in a nonpartisan way.  No matter their political party, I feel safe when these folks are our leaders.

Here’s The Thing™ – let’s remove the multiple accusations of assault against women from the equation.  Okay?  Just bear with me.

During proceedings, Kavanaugh was evasive, particularly when Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Cory Booker questioned him.  He rarely gave a straight answer to anything, in fact, multiple times saying he didn’t remember things.  That alone is a major problem for me.  You want to sit on the highest court in the land but you can’t answer whether or not you are for or against Roe v. Wade or Marriage Equality?  It’s a simple question.  It’s “yes” or “no”.  Also…if you can pull memories out of your ass left and right when you’re accused of sexual assault, but you can’t remember if you had a conversation with someone at Trump’s law firm–that’s a red flag.  Also, multiple acquaintances came forth claiming that answers he gave under oath were lies.  Another huge red flag–and also highly illegal.

But, let’s move past that, too.  Let’s go back to the multiple accusations of assault against women.  And let’s remove trying to decide if you believe Kavanaugh or the women.  Because, ultimately, this debate about whether we believe Kavanaugh or Blasey-Ford doesn’t matter. Here’s where I’m really upset:

We have due process in this country for a reason.  It protects the accused and the accuser.  It makes sure that any accusation of a crime(s) is investigated FULLY so that a judgment can be made on whether or not charges need to be filed and a trial needs to take place or so a declaration can be made that there is no evidence to support the accusations.  This protects innocent people in our society and it protects victims of crimes.  We have due process so that justice can be served–on whichever side of an accusation it is.

If credible accusations are made–an investigation is the next step.  This is not a partisan issue.  Neither is alleged sexual assault.  Justice for a potential victim or someone falsely accused is a nonpartisan issue.  It should matter to everyone.

Our (those of us in the U.S.) government–our elected leaders–failed to represent us.  They made this issue partisan when everything about it was nonpartisan.  If you think Kavanaugh is believable, you should want a full investigation to clear his name.  If you think Blasey-Ford is believable, you should want a full investigation so justice can be served and someone that attempts or commits sexual assault isn’t sitting on the highest court in our country.  Additionally, you want people to know if the accusation is false that that is something we won’t tolerate and there are repercussions for false accusations.  Our elected leaders told us that they do not care about right and wrong, justice, due process, or the laws of our lands.  All they care about is pleasing constituents, PACs/Super PACs, getting reelected, and keeping their own secrets from coming to light.

“Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

That was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who said that (though most people know that).  All of these senators who slapped Justice in the face–their time will come.  Because whether these accusations are true or not doesn’t matter anymore.  Our leaders failed to follow due process.  It proved that our laws and processes–WHY THESE LEADERS ARE THERE–don’t matter to them.  Politics is about money and secrets and screwing over the American public.

In the past, I’ve voted for candidates based on how well they align with how I think our country should be run.  On whether or not I thought they had the best ideas.  Whether they represented the majority as best they could while looking out for the little guy, and if I felt they would do the right thing when it got down to the nitty-gritty.  Regardless of their party.  Kavanaugh’s confirmation has made me realize that certain politicians, regardless of their past track record, are people I will never be able to vote for again.  In fact, I would vote against them if they were running against Satan–because what’s the difference at this point?  At least Satan wouldn’t pretend to be a righteous, good person and then screw over the people he represents, right?  He’d just be like: “I’m Satan.  I’m here to fuck shit up.”  Okay, I can respect the honesty.  At least I know what I’m in for when I vote for you.  That’s a lot better than Satan in a three-piece suit (or a pantsuit).

Everyone needs to get out and vote.  Don’t vote based on whether you believe Kavanaugh or Blasey-Ford.  Vote based on whether or not you want leaders who flip the bird at Justice and just do whatever everyone in their party tells them to do.  We don’t need people elected as leaders if they’re more worried about their own secrets getting exposed than they are about doing what is right for us as a country.  There are great Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, and Conservatives to vote for in our elections.  Pick the one you think wants to represent us as a country, not as a political party.

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5 thoughts on “Not Triggered – Disappointed

  1. I was totally disgusted with the appointee, the process and the party politics that have come to rule this country. I fear for the divide in our nation…

  2. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who vote straight party ticket. I’ve voted for people on both sides of aisle because I vote for the person, not the party. I also vote for the person I think is going to fuck things up the least. Unfortunately, that’s what politics in this country has come to. It’s not who will do a better job. It’s who is going to do the least harm. *sigh*

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