Good morning, Goose Army.  It’s Friday–and that means something to some of us, right?  If you’re the worker who has Saturday and Sunday off–wheel out the margarita machine.  If you’re not one of those workers–drink one anyway.  Who’s gonna tell on you?  Snitches get stitches and end up in ditches with no britches.  That’s what JoJo says anyway.  Of course, I then remind her that there’s no reason to turn a murder into a rape–but that’s neither here nor there.

So…I have nothing going on and everything going on lately.  My writing schedule is crazy, I’ve been reading a lot of ARCs and books for book club, trying to have a social life, helping JoJo deal with her father’s recent surgery and recovery, enjoying a few weeks of minimal to no anxiety or depression, dealing with insomnia, and just generally tryin’ to live muh damn life.  Oh, and I’m in between hairstyles, so that’s something else to get me on edge.  It’s like the end of the world in my head right now, but all I can manage is a shoulder shrug.


Anyhoozles, I obviously don’t have enough going on, so I decided to sign up for National Novel Writing Month – known as #NaNoWriMo to the Twatters on the Tweeter.

What’s that you say?

In November, writers commit to writing a full-length novel (50k words or more) in a month or less.  There’s a whole website to sign up, track your progress, make buddies (already bullied one writing buddy into joining me and I’m working on Adie), and motivate yourself to work, work, work, work, work.  It seems like a lot of fun for writers and a great way to network and motivate oneself.  Of course, I’m crazy, so it’ll probably just stress me out, bring out my worst self, and show how competitive I can be with absolutely no real person except myself.

But…I have 19 days until I go off the deep end and shit goes down, so that’s a relief.  Almost three whole weeks of me acting like a sane person–or at least my version of a sane person.  But also, just so you know, I’ve decided the project that I will work on during #NaNoWriMo will be MKPI 3 – title to be determined.  So…good news, right?  Right, Carolyn???

Because of signing up for #NaNoWriMo, this text exchanged happened between JoJo and me recently.  Just a little background, anytime one of us tries to buy something “frivolous”, we always run it by the other due to guilt.



Honestly, I don’t need #NaNoWriMo to keep myself motivated, because JoJo is that bitch.  She makes everything more fun and funnier.  Sure, she’s disgustingly perverse at times, but that’s just part of her sparkling personality.

Anyway, look for some craziness in November.  Until then, enjoy my version of sanity.

Wanna be my #NaNoWriMo buddy?  Why not sign up?

If you’re a blogger, blog reader, writer, author, funny person, horrible person, why not come join your people?


I gotta go.

Until next time…



15 thoughts on “It’s the End of the World, and I Feel…Meh.

  1. Allen,
    Thanks for the invite, but about to graduate in mid November and then I have to focus on passing the NCE. But it sounds fun! Have you figured out how many pages or at least how many hours a day that is?

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