Happy Friday from The Midnight Goose, my lovely Goose Army!

Today isn’t a full “real” post at all–but an announcement to explain some changes around Das Goose.

Starting Monday 10/1/18 (1/10/18 for those across the pond), The Midnight Goose Blog is changing to a 3-day a week posting schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Monday the 1st, Das Goose will return with a funny(?) tale about mental health.  Usually, the first Monday of the month is book review day–but I’m pushing that back to the 8th.  But it’ll still happen!

You may also notice that Das Goose is cleaning house and running a tighter ship.  Posts from here on out will fall into six categories only:


Guest Bloggers



Things My Wife Says

Yum-Yum Friday

A lot of post categories are getting the old heave-ho, never to be seen again.  However, I think that the new “Goose” is going to feature higher quality writing, be a lot of fun, be easier to navigate, and be easier to keep up with in general.  Readership/Membership is steadily growing and I want everyone who visits The Midnight Goose Blog to have the best experience possible.  My current writing schedule (outside of the blog) is getting more and more hectic and other projects keep piling on other responsibilities–and I do not want the quality of The Midnight Goose to suffer from me trying to keep up a 5-day posting schedule each week.

I know Das Goose has gone through quite a few changes over the last few months…but that’s to be expected in the first year of a blog.  Gotta throw things out there, stretch your legs, see what works, see what doesn’t…and honestly, I thought other projects wouldn’t take off like they have.  I thought I’d have so much more time to be a blogging badass!  But things tend to go however they’re going to go and a person has to adapt and modify the way they do things as they go in order to make it all work, right?

Anyhoozles, I hope everyone loves the new formats, categories, aesthetic, and the writing.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns–or just to say, “Hey, girl. Heeeeey.”  Or, you can always join me and other wickedly funny folks over at the Dungeon of Loom.

See you Monday…



14 thoughts on “A New Flight Pattern

  1. Please do not alter your wonderful recipe commentary. It is unique. ‘Just throw that shit in’, stir that shit etc. Brilliant. 👍

  2. Aw, so you’re not gonna do Blogtober with me? Boo!

    Life happens. I’ve been blogging on WordPress (a couple different blogs, all some iteration of FAWL) and I still revamp my blog and content on the regular. I am the queen of mass deleting posts I’ve decided don’t fit with my brand anymore. Honestly, I’m seriously considering doing some major revisions after my November NaNaWriMo break.

    So, I get it. I look forward to seeing how it goes. And good luck with all your other projects!

          1. I think that’s the best part of any time-determinant challenge, really. Every time I do any “30-Day” or “Month Long” type of challenge on my blog or Instagram, I end up about 25% success, 65% apathetic abandonment, and 10% crying in a corner.

  3. Looking forward to new posts! I myself have found that twice a week is just enough to keep people engaged without overwhelming them. I think you’ll like your new schedule!

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