All the Cool Kids

Let’s start out with a little music for this one, shall we?

Here’s The Thing™ – recently, I planned to write a post about how all the shit is going down on The Tumblr.  That’s where all the cool kids hang out.  It’s also kind of scary and creepy–but it’s mostly funny and witty and ridiculous.  I was going to write about the MAG4PA drama that started on The Tumblr–but I self-censored and did not do that.  If you don’t know what MAG4PA is all about, twat me on the Tweeter, DM me, whatever.  You’re in for some dramz–as the cool kids say.

If you want a story about solo gay porn and a Trump supporter, it’s right up your alley.

Anyhoozles, The Tumblr is where all the shit is going down.  There’s the “Straight Side of Tumblr”, “The Gay Side of Tumblr”, there’s all sides to The Force over there.  All the Cool Kids™ there are funnier in one or two sentences than I am in an entire post.  To prove this point, I’ve curated my favorite Tumblr posts (that should be a job) and brought them here to share with all of you.  I mean, it probably won’t make you open a Tumblr account–I still don’t have one–but it might make you tiptoe over to peep like I do from time to time.

So, let’s laugh, shall we?

Why do I relate to the boss so much?

Why do I think it’s even funnier that this post starts with “some of you know this already but…”???  LOL

I’m on the sit sits.


Don’t tell me you aren’t reading that in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice.

You’re going to fucking jail, Greg.

As a #ProudHufflepuff, I confirm the accuracy of this post.

I laugh–but my anxiety recognizes this post.

I had to go to Tumblr to learn that “no” can end any conversation.

Big Bird has a higher kill streak than cows!

Why do I understand “shifty lesbian eyes” and am able to visualize it perfectly???

Until next time…




  1. I used to live on Tumblr. I still have an account, but the political side of Tumblr bleeds into GODDAMN EVERYTHING and turns everything it touches into a cesspool or vitriol and hatred on both sides. Sorry, but if you encourage someone to kill themselves, I’m revoking your “compassionate liberal” card, you fucking monster.

    The “Shit My Players Say” site for RPG fuckery ( is a goldmine of geeky glee, though.

    1. Honestly, I’m not cool at all–so I didn’t know about Tumblr until a few years ago. So, I’m a lurker and I’m cool ambivalently through the folks over there. LOL But, also, you just described ALL social media, Adie!

  2. Apparently, I need to get over on the Tumblr. On the other hand, I don’t have time for what I need to do NOW! Thanks for the laugh today.

  3. Just to be clear… I was not aware of the finger up the cat butt hole incident. And now? I wish I wasn’t.
    But it’s good to know Big Bird’s killing streak is finally being made public, he freaked me out as a child.

    Oddly enough when my last blog site died, I thought about joining Tumblr instead of here….. but I didn’t want to be the clueless grandma in the corner.

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