Musical Bookending – Pt. 2

Welp, today is not going to be Yum-Yum Friday because Tubbly is taking another “lazy day”.  So, I’m bringing you more music.  Another week that begins and ends in music.  You’re welcome.

But here The Thing™ – today, I’m only going to include songs from artists that I’ve seen in concert.  I’m going to play my favorite song by twenty-five artists that I’ve gone to see play.  Just in case the theme of this list eludes you.

So, let’s get to it:

  1. Jimmy Buffett – Tin Cup Chalice (being a Parrot Head for a day is an experience you should not pass up if you get a chance!)
  2. Alanis Morissette – London (amazing live performer – and Jagged Little Pill is a classic)
  3. No Doubt – Hella Good (the opening acts, Paramore and The Sounds sounded better…)
  4. Pat Green – Carry On (going to a honky-tonk to see him was…interesting)
  5. Aerosmith – Dream On (I’ve seen them 4 times now I think–and always great)
  6. Godsmack – Whatever (the crowd on the lawn ALWAYS goes wild for these guys–be prepared to back up before you find yourself front and center in a mosh pit)
  7. Stevie Nicks – Beauty and the Beast (AMAZEBALLS–but Chris Isaak opened for her and learned that I don’t get out of my seat for no man, even if he’s walking right at me)
  8. Hole – Gutless (Courtney Love is a crazy fuck, but I love Hole)
  9. The Jesus and Mary Chain – Some Candy Talking (this concert was LOUD and cramped–but I love this song)
  10. John Mellencamp – Jack & Diane (Absolutely amazing performer)
  11. Kings of Leon – Use Somebody (People went apeshit when this song started)
  12. L7 – Shove (These chicks are THE Riot Girrrrrls)
  13. Liz Phair – H.W.C. (PARENTAL ADVISORY!!!/NSFW!!! Great performer, though)
  14. Marilyn Manson – The Devil Beneath My Feet (very nice guy, actually–he came out to the lawn seats and met people before the concert)
  15. Nikka Costa – Nothing (she wasn’t that great–which is probably why she’s not around anymore–but I love this song)
  16. Paolo Nutini – Autumn (Very boring concert…but he sounded good)
  17. Paramore – Misery Business (They sounded absolutely amazeballs live)
  18. Patty Griffin – Sweet Lorraine (the album Living With Ghosts is a masterpiece)
  19. R.E.M. – What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? (Another loud concert, but I didn’t mind so much at this one because they were amazing)
  20. Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees (Another concert that was surprisingly boring–even though people were going apeshit everytime a new song started)
  21. Rob Zombie – Dragula (Amazing concert with lots of props, theatrics–and sounded amazing)
  22. Rufus Wainwright – Poses (This was an extremely fun concert because this man knows how to perform and be engaging–and I love his voice)
  23. Sarah McLachlan – Ice Cream (people went crazy for this song–and she sounds just like her recordings–so amazing)
  24. The Weepies – Suicide Blonde (very laid back concert–I’m sure 95% of the people there were on SOMETHING–so I didn’t get the full experience I guess)
  25. 311 – Hydroponic (these guys put on a show!  And people go crazy for this song.  I like to pretend that I’m cool enough to be a 311 fan–but we all know that I’m not)



Until next time…



  1. I’m a mostly hard rock/heavy metal girl, but The Weepies is one of my guilty pleasures. The World Spins Madly On is one of my all time favorite songs! Thanks for including them on this list!

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