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First things first–I promise that I am now out of all types of squash and next Yum-Yum Friday will not be centered around it.  We good?

Anyhoozles…zucchini (and squash, in general) is a very versatile vegetable–and super delicious and healthy.  We’ve made fritters, ragout, and even muffins.  To round out the “four weeks of squash” we’ve had on The Midnight Goose Blog, let’s make a frittata!

A frittata is Italian and is an egg-based dish, kind of like an “open-faced omelet” or a crustless quiche–though frittatas do not require cheese.  And, as we’ve discussed before, I’m straight up “hood” at times.  So a frittata makes me feel fancy as fuck–even though they’re incredibly easy to make.  All you need is your ingredients, a good nonstick frying pan (cast iron is great, too) that is oven-safe to 350 degrees F, and a little know how.  Very little, in fact.

So, let’s get started:


8 large eggs

2 cups shredded zucchini

4 tbsp butter (1/2 a stick)

dried thyme



That’s it.  Let’s look here:

8 large eggs, 2 cups of shredded zucchini I already had in the freezer (thawed and drained), and my ceramic skillet with 1/2 stick of butter.

It’s important to say that whether you fresh grate your zucchini or have some already grated in the freezer (like me), you want to squeeze out as much liquid as possible.  Just put it in a big ball in a clean kitchen towel and squeeze the shit out of it over the sink.  Done.  You want it as dry as possible so that it cooks up and sets up well.


Get your butter melting in your skillet over medium heat.  This is a 5/6 on my electric range.
Add your zucchini to the melted butter, give it a good nudge with a rubber spatula, then season it liberally with salt and pepper and dried thyme.
Give it another good nudge with a rubber spatula to distribute the seasoning, then let it work for a few minutes while you tend to your eggs.

I love Rachael Ray products!  Her rubber spatulas (and everything else) are incredible.  You can buy a set of spatulas here.

While your zucchini is cooking, crack your eggs into a large bowl and season with more salt, pepper, and dried thyme.  Give it all a good whisk until the eggs are beaten all to hell.
Give your zucchini a stir now.  Once it starts browning and crisping up like hash browns, you can move onto the next step.
Distribute the zucchini evenly in the skillet and pour the eggs evenly over top of them.  Let this cook for 1-2 minutes, just until the eggs start to cook.

Now, carefully slide your skillet into your PREHEATED oven and set your timer for 20-25 minutes.  Mine took about 23 minutes.

After 20-25 minutes, carefully remove your skillet from the oven.  USE A POTHOLDER!  And here’s what you will have!

Remember these oven gloves?  Maybe you should buy them.

Let your frittata rest for five minutes, then use a rubber spatula to gently slide it out of the skillet onto a cutting board.  Then cut it into 6 equal(ish) pieces.

Serve it up with salsa, queso fresco, parmesan, sour cream, whatever you like.  I like it just as it is–but use your imagination!  YUM YUM!

Stay “hood” my friends!

Until next time…


11 thoughts on “Yum-Yum Friday: Zucchini Frittata

  1. Looks really nice and will try as it seems pretty slimming. As I said before your commentary for your recipe posts is unique. I will make damn sure I will beat my eggs to hell and squeeze the shit out the courgettes! Can I try the aqua net with this one? 😳

    1. Just make sure you don’t us the Aqua Net near an open flame! You don’t need to light up your frittata and half the neighborhood! 🙂

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