What’s in a Blog Tagline?

When I started The Midnight Goose blog, I had a very different vision of what it would be once it was up and running.  It was going to be full of diary-like posts about my life (natch), recipes, lifestyle goodies, photography, poems, stuff about my books, and so forth.  Ultimately, it has turned into a place where you learn a little about my life, some recipes, nothing in the way of lifestyle, no photography (except a few pics here and there), hardly any poems, lots of stuff about my books…and a lot of ranting and raving about stuff that no one really cares about.  But, it’s mostly funny.  Um, right?


So…I made the tagline of my blog “A Lifestyle Blog…for Anyone Without a Lifestyle”, because I was aware that things weren’t working out so much as far as “Lifestyle Blogs” go. I mean, The Midnight Goose blog is still for anyone without a lifestyle, obviously, but it’s mostly for anyone wanting to observe me going off the rails from a safe distance through the interwebs.

Anyhoozles, I realized recently that it was time to change my tagline.  It didn’t really make sense after 150+ posts about anything but lifestyles.

So…I changed the tagline to “Come for the Nonsense, Stay for the Realness“.  Perfect, right?

JoJo (the missus) didn’t think so.  Well, not that she thought it was a bad tagline, per se, but she felt that there was another tagline that would be better.

Let me share a short story with you:


I know, I know.  Bear with me.  Stop rolling your eyes.

To preface this (I swear) short story–I wasn’t really aware that this was something I did until JoJo pointed it out.  When JoJo and I are having breakfast and coffee together, getting ready for our work days, we tend to recap the previous day for each other.  And, apparently, when I do this, I use a particular sentence to lead into a new gripe or complaint I have.  According to JoJo, I am particularly likely to use it when referring to the dogs or someone that has pissed me off.

Apparently, when I start in on a rant, I preface my story with:


Apparently, I say it in a short burst of verbal diarrhea.

So…she suggested since I rant so much on the blog, I should change the tagline to “You Know What These Motherfuckers Been Doin’?”

In JoJo’s defense, it’s a good tagline–and I was this close to using it.  But…I didn’t really want every social media post to have a curse word in it.  ‘Cause I’m classy.

Side note: as I was writing this post, both dogs came into the office and attacked.  Jolene, in particular, rubbed her slobbery face all over my left forearm as I attempted to type, then tried to tackle me as Cash stood dumbly by and observed while scratching his undercarriage and rubbing his face on the carpet.  These are the best pics I could get since at least one of them was constantly moving:

Anyhoozles, I’ll just stick with “Come for the Nonsense, Stay for the Realness”.  It basically explains my personality.  And it probably won’t get me banned on Twitter.

Until next time…



  1. It’s a good tagine. I haven’t really got a lifestyle either, therefore I have never been able to come up with a decent tagine. It’s so difficult. Your writing is very funny by the way

  2. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much about the swearing in the tagline, unless you’re going for a PG rating on your blog. I mean, look at Damn, Girl! Get Your Shit Together. She has a swear word in the main title.

    I like both taglines, but I will admit “You know what these motherfuckers been doin’?” really does kind of speak to your content. You could always do the asterisks “mother*ckers” or change it to “idiots” or “fools” or something else a little more family-friendly.

    Plus, I mean, if Twitter won’t ban people for literally promoting white supremacy, I doubt they’re gonna care about the word “motherfuckers.” Besides, would getting banned from Twitter really be a bad thing? 😉

  3. HA HA HA HA! That sounds like something out of a Carol Burnett sketch. “The Goose flies at midnight!” Very, very cool story, though. Also, I’ve not been around many geese (or any) in my life, so it’s good to know that I should stay away from those fuckers! Just in case! The fact that you know this suggests there’s another story for perhaps another time.

  4. It’s funny that I had just mentioned your old tag line in that one post and you changed it the next day! But no matter…they’re both great taglines and I’ll keep coming back for more (also a vague threat like Mona).

  5. Allen,
    Haven’t a clue how to style a life and way too busy to try. “Lifestyle” sounds pretentious and like way too much work, anyway. So yay, I
    fit in! As to your nonsense/realness approach, yep, that’s all true, too! Whatever your tagline is, I’m coming back. (That sounds almost like a threat, doesn’t it? Hmm.) Oh well! Curious how you came by the name “The Midnight Goose,” though. Is there a story there? Fun post, btw!

    • I hope you do stay around! To answer your question, it comes from that saying “the goose flies at midnight”, ya’ know how spies signal to each other to enact a plan, or murder someone and bury their body, or shit has gone completely awry. I mean, you never know what will happen around me and I have pretty high anxiety levels, so it just seemed to fit. Also, geese are mean little fuckers that will fuck you up before you even realize they’re going to do it, so they’re one of my favorite animals.

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