The 99 Cent Book

Just a quick BONUS post for today, folks.  For those of you that have followed The Midnight Goose faithfully (God love ya’), you know that I write an urban paranormal series called “MKPI Odd Case Files”.  You’ll also know from following the blog (and seeing all the banners and posts) that the first two books are available for sale on Kindle and in paperback formats.  But did you know that the first book is now available for ONLY 99 CENTS IN THE KINDLE STORE???

This isn’t a one-time promotion or anything, either.  It’s the price I’ve set for the book for the foreseeable future.  So…if you didn’t have the scratch to buy the first book before, well, maybe you can afford it now.  If you’re interested, here are the links to both books:

And, as always, they’re both still FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited!

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