Top Five Posts of All Time

As of the moment that I’m writing this, I’ve posted exactly 150 blog posts on The Midnight Goose.  You’re welcome or I’m sorry, depending on your experience here.  But the fact remains that I’m on my way to 200 posts–and that’s cool, right?  Well, it’s cool or annoying, again, depending upon your experience.

Anyhoozles, I thought I’d share the blog posts I’ve written that had the most views.  And…it’s kind of surprising, to say the least.  Regardless, enjoy!



1. “Fundraising…Hear Me Out…” is my most viewed post of all time.  That’s cool and all.  But…the K9 Pride Fund still needs help, so you looky-loos that, well, just looked, need to fork over some cash.  I’m not threatening you or anything…but I can get so much more annoying if needs be.  Just saying.





2. “Yum-Yum Friday: Bacon Cheeseburger Bundles” was my second most viewed post.  This I totally get.  I mean, bacon, cheeseburger, recipe, pictures…how could you NOT click on this?  I totally recommend that you revisit it today and make these tasty lil treats this coming weekend.  Soooooo good!  And what an easy thing to whip up during the summer months!





3. “Things My Wife Says – An Ongoing Saga – Pt. 4” was the third most viewed post on The Midnight Goose.  I also understand this one.  I mean, everyone loves this series of blog posts because they make everyone else’s marriages seem more stable.  These posts also remind everyone that you’re not nearly as bad as you think you are–you could be much worse!



4. “Who Wants to Be an Advanced Reader? Free Book Alert!!!” was next in the most viewed list.  This I also understand.  I mean, a free book to read–who wouldn’t want to view and sign up?  Just a reminder to everyone who participated, you could throw a review my way on Amazon or Goodreads or Listy…or on your own blog.  Whatever tickles your pickle.








55. “Social Media A-Hole” was number five on the top 5 list of most viewed posts.  I’ll be the first to admit–this one was total click bait.  I mean, it’s not even about Trump, but I used him as the “featured image”.  Obviously, he IS a social media a-hole…but it’s still not about him.  Sue me.




Is there a post on The Midnight Goose that you liked more?  Also, if you’re a blogger, share a post from your own blog that you really felt you did a good job on.  I’d love to read it!  Or share someone else’s blog post that you really loved–I’ll read everything!

Until next time…


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