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So, it goes without saying that I love me some blogs.  And I’m not just talking about my own – The Midnight Goose.  I just love blogs in general.  If you’ve been following The Midnight Goose for a bit, you may have noticed that I’ve posted a few times about my favorite blogs to follow.  Blogs are great–particularly the ones run by individuals.  I love reading other people’s thoughts and feelings–like sneaking a peek at a personal diary.  It’s a little voyeuristic but in a controlled way.  Besides, it helps me to find “my people”.

There’s a blog for almost anything you might enjoy–some even have posts about yodeling.  Seriously.  And you get to interact with the people that write these posts, make friends, discuss ideas, exchange information–ALL. OVER. THE. WORLD.   I’ve been so fortunate to “meet” people in the United Kingdom (and Ireland–kinda iffy on which parts of Ireland are considered to be part of the UK), France, Myanmar, India, Canada, Brazil, Pakistan, other places in the U.S., and on and on and on.

It’s freaking amazing.

Eventually, I’ll get around to adding a menu tag or a sidebar widget listing all of the ones I follow.  That way you can all “meet” some amazing new friends, too.

But until then, we all know I’m kinda lazy, so I’ll just make another post outlining a few more of my favorites.

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Wayward Sparkles – This blog is run by Mona (nom de plume M.L. James) – and is absolutely hysterical.  A recent post about a stranger dropping a deuce on a neighbor’s porch when no one would let him use their bathrooms was particularly fun.  Mona lives just an hour south of me–and we probably never would have “met” if it weren’t for the blogosphere (do people still use that term? I feel that they do).  She has a unique, engaging voice in her writing, and she is so cordial and generous with her followers.  Check her out–you won’t be sorry!


Angel Who Swears – This blog is run by Kat and the tagline to her blog: “commentary from a reformed good girl” tells you all you need to know.  Kat lives just one state away from me in Oklahoma with “The Husband Dude” and has amazing story after story about her life.  Recently, she’s been posting about the “fun” she’s had getting a hysterectomy–and if it made a person with no uterus (i.e.: me) laugh, then I know anyone will find her funny.  It’s a laugh-out-loud funny blog, but it’s incredibly honest.  That’s a combination that I cannot get enough of in my blog viewing.


Insomnia Girl – “Insomnia Girl”, I don’t know much about personally.  But her blog is all about the VIT’s (Very Important Thoughts) that invade her brain when she’s trying to drift off to sleep.  And. they. are. hilarious.  Anyone can relate to Insomnia Girl’s posts because who hasn’t had late night thoughts in bed about whether or not people actually like Kombucha and John Steinbeck?  Check her out!


From Adie, With Love – This blog used to be called “The Cupcake Witch” but changed within the last few months (I can’t remember exactly when – don’t “@” me).  Adie’s blog can be very funny at times but what I love most is her blunt honesty.  She doesn’t hold back and tells it like it is.  It’s like reading a personal diary as I mentioned before.  She is also very good about engaging with her followers and is incredibly supportive of her fellow bloggers.  Adie and her blog are true gems.


The Phil Factor – This is “Where Sarcasm Gets Drunk and Let’s Its Hair Down”.  As you may have guessed, this is another blog that, when it comes to LOL moments, delivers like Domino’s.  Phil Taylor, author and blogger, produces some truly funny posts about the perks of being a zombie to coffee house patrons with scorpions tattooed on their shaved heads.  Whenever I swing by his blog, I’m always happy to see a new post from him.  This blog is another one that will make your day just a bit brighter.  Check him out!

Make sure to stop by the blogs and give them all some love.  Tell them The Midnight Goose sent you and you’ll get 20% off.*

*They’re not selling anything, as far as I know, so take that as you will.


Until next time…



  1. D’aww!! I was going to make a (playfully) snarky comment about you not knowing exactly when I changed my name (I can’t even remember exactly when–some time in May, I’m 99% sure). But then I read that sweet description and just… AWWWW!!! I’m so touched, I need an adult. <3

  2. Aw shucks! *blush*

    I feel like I’ve just been goosed — at midnight! Wait…that came out wrong! Weirdly wrong! Thanks bunches for the shout out, anyway, Allen! I feel honored to be mentioned in with so many other amazing bloggers.

    I just want to say, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart — May no stranger ever drop a deuce on your lawn!


  3. Wow! Thanks for the shout out! I already follow several of the blogs you mentioned but I am definitely going to check out the others!

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