Coot-Coot on the Interwebs

Have we established (over the last several months) that I’m lazy?  Well, if you’re new here: Welcome!  I’m lazy.

Now that’s established.

If you do happen to follow The Midnight Goose, you know that one of my personalities is a fella we all refer to as “Coot-Coot”.  He/She comes out when I’m overly caffeinated (we don’t assign a gender to Coot-Coot because crazy comes in all varieties).

Anyhoozles, I was watching some YouTube videos, which I do to distract myself from actually being productive, and I ran across these gems.  You’ll see why I posted these when you get to 2 minutes 3 seconds in the first video.  Just watch ’em.


McKinnon is a ridiculous genius.

Until next time…

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