It’s Not Much of a Process…But it is a Process

I’ve been writing a lot lately.  In case you weren’t aware yet (you must be new here – Welcome!), I’m a struggling author.  I hustle like the rent was due yesterday.  My fingers ache every day from the amount that I’ve been writing.  But it has mostly paid off.  I have one book available for purchase and another coming out (a sequel) in less than two weeks.

MKPI Odd Case Files: The Cow & The Coven (available now on Amazon – paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited) and MKPI Odd Case Files: The Corpse & The Crossroads (coming in paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited 7/10/18 – now available for preorder on Kindle).



Additionally, I have the first book of a new series coming out in October.  The book is very tentatively titled Death on the Dock: A Lake Agate Mystery.

Anyhoozles, I’ve been curious lately about other writers’ “process”.  What gets you out of bed, showered, fed, caffeinated, and in front of the computer (or notepad, for you Luddites)?  Some days it can be a freaking struggle to type one word–let alone page after page.  And in our world of infinite and readily available distractions, it’s like paddling upstream.

So, to get us started in sharing, here is my “process”, such as it is:

  1. Wake up.
  2. Take time to curse life and all that encompasses.
  3. Stagger into the bathroom, do my “business”, take my allergy meds.
  4. Wander into the living room, dodging Jolene’s efforts to dead-leg me.
  5. Take Jolene out for peeps and poops.
  6. Feed Jolene.
  7. Make peanut butter toast, banana, and coffee for JoJo and I.
  8. Eat breakfast with JoJo, talk mad shit.
  9. Stalk social media and make my own posts while JoJo showers.
  10. Say “goodbye” to JoJo as she heads off to work.
  11. Make beds, do dishes, any other little chores.
  12. Take a shower.
  13. Pray for inspiration.
  14. Write.

This is what happens if it’s a good writing day.  If it’s a bad writing day, I’m still watching YouTube videos of cats being scared by cucumbers four hours after JoJo has left for work.  You just never know.

But there are always “tricks” to help me stay focused.  One of those “tricks” is music.  If I have the right inspiring musical soundtrack to my workday, I don’t jack around as much.

So, here’s a top ten song list that I need in order to stay focused:

  1. Thais: Meditation by Jules Massenet
  2. The Devil Beneath My Feet by Marilyn Manson
  3. Annachie Gordon by Loreena McKennitt
  4. Fairytale Lullaby by Bombay Bicycle Club
  5. Emmylou by First Aid Kit
  6. Skinny Little Bitch by Hole
  7. Chicago by Sufjan Stevens
  8. Carry On by Norah Jones
  9. Rowing Song by Patty Griffin
  10. Into My Arms by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

I also need plenty of water, diet soda, and prepared meals so that I don’t get distracted by thoughts of “Mmmmm, what am I going to eat today?”

If all of these things come together, I can actually focus and get dozens of pages written in a day, plus blog writing, social media posts, research, side jobs, newsletter, and other work done in a night.  If not…well, I find out what vegetable scares giraffes.

*shrugs*  What is your process, fellow writers?


Until next time…



  1. I don’t have a process. I live with my mom, so I spend a lot of time alone in my bedroom because we bicker a lot (go figure, a thirty-year-old not enjoying living with their mother; WHO KNEW). It’s a cluttered mess, impossible to work on any hands-on projects at the moment. The only thing I have to do is write or watch TV, and I don’t really *watch* TV, because sitting doing nothing makes me antsy. So, literally all I have to do is write, so that’s what I do.

    99.99% of it is absolute garbage, or fan fiction, or garbage fan fiction. But, it happens, at least.

    1. Hey, even drowning out bickering and an internal dialogue with television is a process! And one day, you’ll be living on your own (if you want) and come up with a process you enjoy more.

      Side note: fan fiction can be amazing! It all comes down to the quality of writing. I’ve written some fan-fic in my day and it helped hone my writing skills (such as they are), so I regret nothing!

      You keep doing you!

      1. Well whatever your doing, you’re making progress and that’s awesome. So is your book an ebook or can you get it from Amazon or what’s the deal?


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