I’m a Horrible Person…But, I Mean, I’m Not Sorry or Anything

Do you have evil thoughts?  Not, like, “I could kill a man and get away with it” thoughts (but, honestly, who hasn’t had that thought), but, not exactly nice thoughts.  Un-PC thoughts?  Please friend me on Facebook and Twitter.  We’d get along famously.

Recently, I was talking to JoJo (the missus) about how #UnpopularOpinion is a hashtag that we see and use often on Litsy when we don’t enjoy a book that hordes of others love.  I told her that I feel like more people don’t state their Unpopular Opinion more often because they’re afraid of not following the pack.  They want to conform and not rock the boat.  Until someone breaks the ice, people keep their opinions to themselves.

I suggested we start a #IWasAfraidToSpeakUpUntil hashtag on social media.

Here’s the conversation that followed…


JoJo: *looking at me blankly for a very long time*

Me: What?

JoJo: There’s no way you don’t see the problem with that…

Me: What are you talking about?

JoJo: Allen.

Me: What???

JoJo: That sounds like a Me Too or Time’s Up movement hashtag you dumbass.

Me: …

JoJo: So, you see that you can’t do that.

Me: …

JoJo: You do see that, right?

Me: *walking away*



So…here’s the thing: I’m a horrible person.  I don’t think about who or who may not be offended by my ideas before I start making a plan to put them to work.  I’m not an “I’m offended” person.  And I’m not sorry about it.  Any extra time or energy I have is reserved for searching for videos of raccoons washing cotton candy.

Too many people get offended too easily.  Am I alone in thinking that, or…


Until next time…



  1. Allen,

    DO I HAVE UN-PC THOUGHTS?!!!! BWAHHHAAAAHHAAAAHHHAAHAAAHA!!!!! BTW, I love videos of raccoons washing cotton candy! Poor babies, they just don’t understand.

    Actually, I have a horror story about raccoons and kittens. The kittens didn’t win — in a horrific massacre-type way. Damned raccoons–cute as hell but can be truly evil!

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