The Emperor Has No Clothes

WARNING: This is a political post.  In this post, I may talk about things that you disagree with and which upset you.  If politics triggers you–come back on Monday.  Or read other posts like this one and this one.  However, I am going to just state facts and try to not get opinionated.  

I’m not a President Trump supporter.  Never have been.  Probably never will be.

Quelle surprise.

I know.  You’re all probably falling out from the shock you incurred from those three, very short, sentences.

And I only say “probably never will be” because I would totally convert if he’d “do a 180” on a lot of his policies.  Although that might turn into a “too little too late” situation, I try to never say never when it comes to things like this.  I mean, I was mad at Obama for a long time due to how long it took him to come out in support of gay marriage…and now I think he’s probably the best president of my lifetime (that starts with President Jimmy Carter).

But let’s talk turkey, folks.  Whether you’re conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican (by the way, so sorry to my non-U.S. readers who are visiting the blog XvjMtoday).  I happen to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal–for the most part.  And I’ve always voted Democrat.  But I try to use common sense and realize that no party or ideology personally fits me 100%.  I even think some Republican ideas have merit–but due to recent events, I morally can’t get behind anything Republican at the moment.  However, if the party cleans itself up, I’m still willing to get behind them on things that they propose that make sense for the U.S. to do.  Until then, though, they will not get my support.  Not to say that I think everything Democrat is good.  ‘Cause, total spoiler alert–it ain’t.

So, here’s the thing: even I can confess that not everything in my party is perfect.  Not everything Democrat is good.  Not everything liberal is good.  We like to be a little too freewheeling with the money at times and we don’t always think about “Yeah, this social program is good, but what is our end game?”  Yeah, renewable, “green” energy is freaking awesome–but what are our plans to fold coal miners, oil field workers, and other professionals in current energy corporations into the new, more sustainable way of doing things?  We can’t just tell them to go suck an egg.  We love our social programs, but we don’t consider that we create more need for those programs if we destroy entire industries without having a long-game in place first.

A lot of people in jobs like coal mining grew up in coal mining families.  It’s a legacy giphyprofession.  Coal mining has sustained families and communities for generations.  And they are proud communities–with every right to be so.  The greater majority are good people that just want to live happy lives and be left to it.  To just say “screw the coal industry” and wash your hands of it is incredibly irresponsible and, frankly, just a dick move.  If we’re going to change the way that things have been done for a very long time, we have to consider the lives that those decisions impact.  Sure, coal mining, drilling for oil, other fossil fuels…these things are impacting lives negatively and are destroying the planet.  But the whole point of saving the planet is to save lives.  To give us a sustainable, safe environment for future generations to grow up in–may there be less of us in the future, but we can talk about population growth in a future post.  Oy vey.

But, in my opinion, this is even less dangerous than what President Trump is currently doing to the coal mining workers, their families, and their communities.  Not to mention the U.S. and the world as a whole.

Saying that you’re going to “protect” coal mining is just irresponsible.  Because–FACT–coal mining cannot be protected.  According to World Coal Association, there is maybe enough coal around to last 150 more years.  And it ain’t all in the U.S.  And that’s coming from the WCA–I’m sure they’re not being completely truthful there.  They might have stretched the numbers a bit.  Gas and oil may last 52 and 50 years respectively.  And it’s not all in the U.S. either.  This means that I (as old as hell as I am) could potentially live long enough to see gas no longer exist.  Same with oil.  I’d be 89/90 years old, but I could potentially live to see the day.  We can talk about the odds that I’ll live that long in another post…

President Trump doesn’t realize–or acts like he doesn’t realize–that 150 years is an incredibly short amount of time.  If I had a child today, that child’s child could potentially be alive then.  In less than two generations, coal will be gone (gas and oil will be gone LongFarawayDogwoodclubgall-max-1mbbefore my child was dead).  There’s no protecting these resources.  Does everyone remember where gas, oil, and coal come from?  Prehistoric vegetation and other biological matter (i.e. the din-o-sawrs) had to go through roughly three hundred million years of processing (extremely high temperatures and pressure)  to become the product that it is today.  We will not see additional coal, gas, and oil in our lifetime, our children’s lifetime, their children’s children’s lifetime, their children’s children’s children’s lifetime…okay, that’s getting old. But you get my point.  Humans probably won’t exist then, not as we are, regardless of what we do.

You are not protecting coal, President Trump.  You are merely delaying the inevitable.  Sure–the folks in these professions, communities, and industries that voted for you will probably die before coal is gone.  Well, they definitely will.  Why?  Because these products also destroy our environment and health.  If the oceans don’t rise and the ozone layer doesn’t completely dissipate before cancer and emphysema and other diseases from smog and non-potable water get us, time will win.  Time always wins.  And rolling back EPA regulations that protect our environment (especially our water supplies and oceans) will just expedite all of that.  So…you’re only letting people keep the same way of making an income–briefly.  You’re not protecting anything.

There’s no “protecting” coal, gas, oil, or this particular way of living for much longer, if at all.  In the U.S., we have some socialized medicine–Medicare is the tumblr_ovgxhjHmmu1vm09tjo1_500program I’m referring to in particular.  Due to what has happened to our citizens that have worked in coal mining in the past, there is a particular program called “Black Lung Benefits” within Medicare that pays for illnesses and diseases incurred from mining coal.  President Trump and others in the GOP are slashing Medicare benefits–or attempting to do so.  You’re “protecting” a particular profession while saying “Eat a dick on your way out”.  While also getting rid of regulations that will result in the destruction of potable water and create more illnesses and diseases.  And you’re getting rid of the insurance plans that allow people to get treatment for the illnesses and diseases incurred from producing the products that you and your rich buddies in these industries have built embarrassingly large fortunes off.

You’re essentially screwing the environment and then getting after the U.S. population without even considering the use of Vaseline.

And the people that support this administration are being willfully ignorant about the whole thing.  Because Trump “protecting” things like coal mining means that he is giphy (1)“listening” to them and “cares” about them.  I hate to tell you this–but you’re wrong.  He cares about appeasing his buddies with money.  These people have enough money that they and their next five generations (at least) could live, worry free, without ever working again.  You and your next two to three generations, on the other hand, will continue to be poor coal miners, living in poverty and filth and die of emphysema, cancer, or Black Lung, while doing all of the backbreaking, incredibly dangerous work 40+ hours a week.

Isn’t it time that we all admit that the emperor has no clothes?  That everything told to us by this administration is one big lie?  That they have no end-game?  That they merely worship the Almighty Dollar?  That they truly don’t give a tinker’s damn about the people that they were elected to represent?

The saddest part is–I’ve explained how “protecting coal” is ONE thing that President Trump has talked about that is a lie–and it has repercussions for the environment, the health of our citizens, and the future of our country (and the Earth).  All of that.  From ONE. BIG. INVISIBLE. OUTFIT.

I guess we can all take solace in the fact that the sun will start killing life on Earth in a billion years and will have completely engulfed it in 7.5 billion years.  So…nothing really matter in the long run, right?

Until next time…



  1. Allen,

    The way I look at most things political is that THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, but all of us “not in the know” will never know exactly what that truth is, no matter how much we might think we might or whether we think we have the right to know. I quit banging my head against the political wall a long time ago. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because that’s the only way I can keep any sense of sanity. LOL!

    As it is, I have to reel my husband in from time to time because he insists on believing that by continuing to bang his head, he will make some sort of difference. Who knows, maybe he will. Yea, no. Not gonna happen. As Kat said, you do make some really good points, though, so God Bless You! At least you have a voice that goes out into the world. My husband’s voice just goes out into our living room while I’m sitting there. I think I need a drink now. It’s five o’clock somewhere!

  2. A lot of good points here. One of my favorite sayings is that Democrats and Republicans are just two cheeks on the same ass. I’ve never voted straight party. I try to do my research and pick the candidates I think are going to do the most good…or the least harm, as the case may be. I wish common sense was more common. It would sure make things better in this country! I don’t usually like political posts because they tend to be extreme these days. Thank you for a post that, well, has some common sense!

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