June is LGBT Pride Month – Want Some LGBTQ Books/Movies/Music Suggestions?

June of every year is LGBT Pride Month–but I’m not planning to give everyone a history lesson or anything.  If you want more information on LGBT Pride Month, you can go here, here, here, here, or here.

Instead, I’m devoting this post to providing recommendations for entertainment and art created by LGBTQ individuals that are easily accessible.  

The first book that I read by an LGBTQ author–that I was aware of–was Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.  It’s a book that appeals to gay youth…but also to anyone that grew up different or unique.  It’s an astounding book that I cannot recommend enough.  It opened my mind to trying more diverse authors, movies, music…you name it.

So, I guess that’s my intention here.  Provide you with opportunities to expand your horizons and give LGBTQ authors, musicians, actors, and artists a try. Let’s do this:

Side note: these are choices I made based on my own reading, listening, and watching experiences and is not meant to be the definitive list of LGBTQ artists.


All of these books have merit–and all are by LGBTQ authors–yes, even Maurice Sendak who wrote Where the Wild Things Are.  Some of these books are just fun, and some have a message, but they’re all great books.  All of these books touched me in some way–and not all of them focus on LGBTQ issues specifically–but they all have messages that are important to all humans.


A couple of these you’ll notice were also in the “books” section.  That’s because I enjoyed both the books and the movies.  They’re all good movies–some deep, dark, brooding, and depressing–but others are light and fun–but none are without a message.


I’ll never forget the first time I heard Levon by Elton John, or Asleep by The Smiths, or Muddy Waters by LP, or Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, or Bring Me Some Water by Melissa Etheridge, or The Story by Brandi Carlile, or Radio Ga-Ga by Queen, or Closer to Fine by The Indigo Girls, or Grace Kelly by Mika, or Laura by Scissor Sisters, or Chandelier by Sia.  All of these songs are still some of my favorites and always will be.

So…now you have some ideas.  What are you waiting for?  If there are any books, movies, or music on this list that you haven’t tried yet–what else have you got going on?  Click a few pictures!

If you have some favorite movies, music, or books by LGBTQ folks, why not leave a comment so we’ll all have even more recommendations?

Until next time…



  1. I had the opportunity to meet Allen Ginsberg while in college. They had a book reading at the Walt Whitman House in Huntington Station, NY and he was the main author. It was thrilling for me since I was very interested in all of the Beat Generation authors at that time. He signed my Howl book and a personal poetry journal. It was a very memorable experience.

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