Can We Add a Third Political Ideology?

Remember how I said I wouldn’t post any more political stuff on the blog?


Yup.  I’m about to be slightly political here.  Well, maybe not political…but I am going to drop some truth about something deeply and disturbingly ingrained in U.S. politics (and society) that just needs to stop.  Hopefully soon.

Lately–if you are able to see and hear okay–you may have noticed a lot of nonsense going on on the Twitters and the Facebooks.  There’s so much arguing about…stuff.  Roseanne’s a racist. Trump’s a moron. Someone said something misogynistic, something homophobic was said or done, on and on and on.

Recently, an author that has a Twitter account posted screenshots of a message log. The messages were between a male author looking to network and a female author he had friended right before sending the messages.  When the female author got onto the male author for immediately requesting her as a friend and jumping right into networking by asking her to spread the word about his book, he called her unkind things like telling her to “take a flying fuck”, “take a flying fuck cunt”, and “you are garbage you fucking bitch”.*

Obviously, he was a complete douche that reacted in a highly douchey way towards someone denying his requests.

The author that posted the screenshots wanted to add this person to the #NeverRead list. Unfortunately, I had the nerve to ask questions about the tweet.  The screenshots posted did not make it clear to me who the female author in the messages was.  I wasn’t sure if it was the owner of the Twitter account that posted them–or someone else.  I wanted to know so that, one, I could verify the veracity of the screenshots since someone’s reputation was on the line, then two, show my support for the person that endured these insults, three, start a dialogue about misogyny in the writing world, and four, learn more about the proper protocol in networking in these situations.

I wanted to verify information, become more knowledgeable, and educate myself.

My requests for more information were met with: “Why does that matter?” by a follower of the author.  When I saw that response my thought was: “Why doesn’t it matter?”


Are we all supposed to jump into an angry mob whenever someone tweets something–without being allowed to ask questions, verify information, and getting the entire story?

I mean–isn’t that what ultra-conservative and ultra-liberal crazies do?  One of their ringleaders says “Go!” and they…do what they do?

Asking for more information does not mean you are doubting, taking sides, or trying to cause trouble.  And someone that asks for more information to educate themselves should not fear being met with hostility or defensiveness. 

If you tweet/post something, you should be prepared for questions if there are any.  That is your responsibility in starting a “movement” of any kind.  You’ve taken up a mantle–either carry it or don’t–but don’t try to half-ass it and expect people to just do as you say.  Otherwise, you’re no better than the people on the other side.

Knowledge and education and information and data….these are wonderful things we should all have access to when it comes to social and political issues.  And we shouldn’t have to explain why we want/need it.  It should just be a given that you either provide all of the information that you have, point the requestor in the direction of where they can get it, or admit that you don’t have it.  That’s all.

giphy (1)

So, I henceforth propose a new political ideology–“Not a Complete Moron”.  Instead of a Liberal or a Conservative, you can just be “Not a Complete Moron”.  We should expect–no, require–that information and knowledge are provided to us before we are expected to join up with anyone or anything.

In turn, we should expect to provide information when asked of us and our own causes.  And we should do so in a respectful, kind way, not making assumptions about a person’s intentions in asking for it.

If we commit to that small act, maybe the world will be a better place…maybe then, a dialogue will actually begin.

*This was how I interpreted the information provided–but since no one has answered my question, I cannot without a doubt say that this is accurate.

P.S. I’m not providing the name of the Twitter user/author that posted the screenshots, nor am I providing the name of the person that asked me “Why does that matter?”  Since I don’t have all of the information, I’m not going to start a “movement” of my own…

Update: Someone did answer my question after this post was created.

Until next time…


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