Our Dog is Shy

Let me preface this entire post with this – when you adopt an animal to become part of your family, there’s no telling what you will end up with.  Some furry family members arrive needing house training, they might chew things, they might be diggers, they might be a little aggressive, they might bark unnecessarily…blah blah blah.  Some animals are just a little weird at times.


When JoJo (the missus) and I adopted Jolene, we were assured by the person we adopted her from that she was house trained, gentle, behaved…a perfect little lady.  The way she sounded, she would be a perfect addition to our family.  I mean, a dog that just likes to be loved, is quiet, well-mannered, doesn’t require much work–sign us the fuck up, right?

And the previous owner couldn’t have been more truthful.  Jolene is a perfect little angel. I mean, this is one of her favorite things to do:


Jolene just likes to chill, go outside whenever possible, get rubs and pets, know that she’s loved, loves rides in the car, and likes to get fed as often as is allowed.  Treats are always appreciated as well.  In fact, she will now “sit” and “lay down” when commanded, thanks to the miracle powers of treats.  We couldn’t ask for much more–though, it would be nice if she didn’t leave as much dog hair everywhere…and she didn’t like planting a foot in muh coot-coot whenever she lays down with me.

Regardless, things are great with Jolene.  We love her and are so glad that she has joined our family–especially since our cat Herman got run over at the end of winter. *sad face*

Having said all that…Jolene started having an issue.  When we first got Jolene, I was able to take her outside for her “peeps and poops” with no problem.  That lasted all of two days.  After that time, she would only make her “peeps” when I went outside with her.  She saved her “poops” for when Jodi would take her out.  This doesn’t really work out well since Jodi works away from home and I work at home.  I take the dog out a lot when Jodi is working–so making her “peeps and poops” when I take her out is integral.


At first, I’d just go out with Jolene and wait patiently while she ran out, peed, and came running back as if pooping was something she never considered.  She’d rush right back to the door as if she wanted back in immediately–not anxiously or out of fear, but just in a way that screamed: “All done, daddy!”

But I’m not as stupid as I look.  I knew she was holding out on me.  There was poop in there waiting to come out and she just wasn’t delivering.  This went on for (way) longer than should have been allowed.  However, over this last weekend, I discovered what the problem was: Jolene is a “shy-pooper”.

I found that if I let Jolene out but did not go with her, she wouldn’t use the bathroom.  She needed reassurance that someone was going to let her back in the house as soon as she felt ready.  However, she wouldn’t actually “complete her mission” if I was out there with her.  So, instead of going outside and just standing around like an idiot, I would walk outside with her and move to where she couldn’t see me.

Lo’ and behold–this was the magic trick. 


Jolene wants us present…but not actively watching.  So…my dog will poop–but not if you’re staring at her.  However, since she’s never had an accident in the house, this is one little eccentricity that I can overlook.  I don’t want to watch her create lawn art anyway, so, it’s a win-win situation for all.

This makes her even more of an angel to me.  I cherish her and her shy-pooping ways.

Until next time…

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