The Friend of My Enemy is My Friend

Not all of you that read my blog know me personally.  I wish we all could sit down and have a friendly chat at some point or another (you bring the wine).  I really enjoy interacting with everyone and love all of the diverse folks I can connect with on a daily basis.  There’s nothing like the interwebs to bring us all together.

Having said all that…there’s a particular douche bag I want to talk about.

Spoiler Alert: It’s Me.

Recently, I’ve been getting involved in being a “keyboard warrior”–which is basically fancy speak for “online-shit-starter”–and calling out certain politicians over the #WhereAreTheChildren.

And I might have ruffled a few feathers on Twitter and Facebook.  Actually, I know that I have ruffled feathers.

However, let me point out that I’ve never said the missing immigrant children were any particular politician’s, political group’s, or other person’s fault in particular.  For me, this is a nonpartisan issue.  Well, it’s a human rights issue first and foremost–I mean, we’re talking about children ripped away from their parents and sent to…God knows where.  This is a severe problem that the U.S. government needs to address, take responsibility for, and fix.  NOW.

Like, yesterday.

That’s all I want.  I want our leaders, regardless of their political leanings, to band together and fix something that is, one, a freaking disgrace, two, reprehensible, and three, highly fixable.

Getting beyond that, like most things in my life, I’m kind of in the middle of the spectrum.  I am socially liberal but mostly fiscally conservative.  I’m mostly a Democrat, but I don’t hate Republicans.

Today, someone tried to get in my ass over my posts about #WhereAreTheChildren, mentioning that this has been going on since the Obama Administration and that I was blaming our current administration for everything.  Again…I’ve never blamed any one party for this situation.  Mostly because, at this juncture, who the hell cares who is to blame–let’s fix it, then we can kick the ass of the person(s) that let it happen.

Kinda like that, but less violent.

So, instead of fighting with this person and being ugly about it, I instead thanked them for engaging and helping to spread the word about this reprehensible issue.  Because we all want to see these children returned, right?

Instead of going to my old standby:

I’ve spit a few insults in muh day.

I decided to engage with this person in a respectful manner with the hope that working together, we could draw attention to this issue.

And that’s when it hit me.

Those of us on either side of the political line in the U.S. are treating each other like we’re enemies.  My neighbors, coworkers, family members, friends, and fellow U.S. citizens that support our current administration are. not. the. enemy.  We should be working together to stop injustice, inequality, cruelty, and other despicable acts committed by our political leaders, regardless of affiliation.

We need to be engaging with each other (verbally) and truly listening to each other.

JoJo (the missus) told me as I was driving her to work tonight, “Most people listen to respond, and most people respond without really listening.”  She has her wise moments…

So, I’ve decided to be less of a douchebag and listen more.  Engage.  Listen to what is making my fellow Americans feel however they feel.  Ask to hear other people’s sides.  Be open to listening, really listening, and learning. Have a real dialogue about what the fuck is going wrong with our country.  Together, we can make our country and ourselves better.

Now, don’t get me wrong–I won’t stop calling out our government whenever there is an issue, such as #WhereAreTheChildren–because these are nonpartisan issues.  And I won’t forgive or forget all of Trump’s and Pence’s atrocities, crimes, lies, and ridiculous policies (sorry, I name dropped there).

But…they ARE the enemy.  They are a threat to everything decent and good about the U.S. and its citizens.  I’ll be respectful and thoughtful when I call them out–but it won’t stop.  So…if you can handle that…I would love to listen to you and have you listen to me.  Maybe in doing so, we’ll find out that we kind of want the same things?

P.S. This is the last full-on political post I will put on The Midnight Goose (probably), so don’t worry.

P.P.S. If you want to engage with this issue, feel free to visit

Until next time…