New Blog Schedule & Laziness

Cutting right to the business at hand, so that I don’t bury the lead – The Midnight Goose has been a 7 day a week blog for a bit now.  Starting next week, I’m rolling back to 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday, with each post scheduled for 6 a.m. daily.  Obviously, this won’t affect anyone that much, but I just wanted to get that out there so I could avoid questions like “Where’s today’s post?”  I’m too lazy to blog and answer questions.

As for today’s post, I thought I’d be lazy.  Not incredibly lazy, like where I let someone write a guest blog, or I just post a chapter from a book I’ve written.  However, I’ve decided to go with a visual post.  The following is stuff I’ve found on Pinterest that’s made me laugh out loud.  And what better way to start everyone’s weekend than a bunch of humor?  Enjoy!


I’ve been talking about this since the first episode of “Escape to the Country”…and it’s still hilarious.
I wonder if I could dispense Twinkies from my tubbles.
I imagine that JoJo wrote this one.
This is my type of “dealer”.
This would be me as a parent.
lo Fleming is correct – someone needs to call KFC.
This speaks for itself…
So painfully true.
Enya is #lifegoals


I won’t be posting again until Monday–but it’s a REALLY GOOD post.  A local librarian let me interview her about pursuing a career in library services and what it’s like to work in a library–and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Until next time…