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So, I know you all follow and read The Midnight Goose, and you absolutely adore it.  Right?  Pleeeeeease love me!  My self-confidence depends upon your approval!


I know.  I’m a sad little man.

That’s not necessarily true.  At least the “little” part.  It’s documented very well that I’m tubbly.  However, this is not important.


Actual footage of me backing out of the “husky” section at Sears Roebuck.

Anyhoozles…I want to spread the love for blogs today–blogs I love.  If you enjoy my blog, and you want to find more blogs that you might enjoy, well, here are 5 that yours truly visits daily:

Joshi Daniel Photography – Joshi is a photographer based in India–and he takes the most beautiful, intriguing, and engaging photographs you may ever see.  I visit his blog every. single. day. hoping that he has posted something new.  His portraits are nothing short of amazing–and I highly recommend that you start visiting his site often as well.

Little Fears – “Tales of Whimsy, Humor and Courgettes”.  That’s the tagline of this blog, and it fairly accurately describes what you’ll find.  Lots of intriguing artwork, funny tales, artsy-hilarious videos, and lots of merch (if you’re so inclined).  The oddest thing–and I hope this isn’t taken out of context–is that there’s no understandable reason why this blog is so amazing.  It shouldn’t make sense that it is so engaging–but the doodles and little monsters he illustrates are so unique and fun.  I make sure to visit daily to see if there are any updates–and, God bless Peter Edwards, there always are.

Fatty McCupcakes – Another blog title that tells you exactly what you are going to get.  Katie Pitts uses the tagline “Rants, Ramblings, and Regrets”–and she does all three with laugh-out-loud humor.  Her travel posts are particular favorites of mine–as well as a particular post about a boyfriend’s mother taking a dildo to the forehead.  While the blog is on a short break right now (PLEEEEEASE let it be short), there is plenty there to see.


Ben’s Bitter Blog – Where they “make bitter better” is a blog owned and operated by Ben Gardner.  His personal philosophy is “let your past make you bitter, not better.”  And if that ain’t a blogger after my own heart…Check it out.  Promise you’ll laugh–and feel a little less alone in your own bitterness.

TonysBologna – Tony doesn’t update frequently–but what he posts is good quality satire.  He engages with his followers and readers, and always provides a good laugh and an opportunity to engage with other like-minded folks.  I have to be honest that I don’t visit this site daily since I’m aware he doesn’t post often–but I’m always beyond excited when there’s a new post.

Check these blogs out if you want to expand your blog I.Q.–and engage with these folks.  We all deserve love–and maybe you’ll make a new internet friend.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that…

Until next time…



  1. Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much for this incredibly awesome shoutout!! You are SO sweet and you totally made my life! I’m hoping to be back this next week 🤞🏻. Thank you again!!

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