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Chapter Seven

“Let’s Split Up!”


Dayl took the necropsy findings a lot harder than I imagined.  Of course, when you’re told that human blood and tissues are found during the necropsy of a mutilated cow, you’re not bound to be pleased.  After Dr. Graham called the police, Dayl and I knew it was our business to disappear.  The police are never very happy to see us beat them to the newest evidence, after all.

“Why the hell is there human blood and tissue with the cow’s body??”  Dayl wondered aloud as I walked alongside her towards our cars.

“I don’t know.”  I frowned.  “Could the attacker have been human and maybe the cow took a piece of its attacker with it?”

“I wish.”  Dayl sighed then stopped to look at me.  “It’d serve the bastard right.  But you and I both know this just couldn’t have been a normal cow mutilation, Zeph.  There’s something about it.”

I just watched her.

“I could feel it standing there at the cow’s death site.”  She shivered.  “Something was lingering…”

“Like magick?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe?”

I frowned at her questioning tone.

“Look, I’m just a private investigator!  How am I supposed to figure these things out?”  She smiled impishly at me.

I smiled back.

“Look, Dayl.”  I chewed on my lip.  “We’ve got two problems here.”

She cocked an eyebrow.

“Well, there’s something weird going on with this cow mutilation thing.”  I held one finger up.  “And we need to figure it out quick so the mayor will get off our asses.”

“He’s a prick.”  Dayl added in an agreeable tone.

“Two,” I held up a second finger, “we still need to get started on the Cavanaugh case.”

“He went out drinking last night, went to his mistress’s house and just hasn’t come home?”  Dayl replied evenly.

I frowned.

“It’s just as likely as aliens mutilating the cow.”  She shrugged.

“Okay, okay.”  I sighed.  “What I am proposing is that we split up.”

Dayl gave me a very deep frown that showed even in her eyes.  It was not a happy face.

“What?”  I asked.

“That’s the first thing someone says in a horror movie before someone dies.”  She cracked.

“Yeah.”  I gave a half smile.  “And the first victim is always the chick with the big tits.  So, watch out for yourself there. Besides, I’m the horror buff here—have a little faith!”

Dayl cackled and turned to slowly walk towards our respective vehicles.  I followed.

“Why don’t you take the cow death site?”  I suggested.  “If there’s lingering magicks, you’ll be able to pick up on it quick.  I’ll take Cavanaugh—besides, only one of us is able to deal with people without getting us fired.  And I did promise her I‘d stop by to finish the interview and get the rest of the details.”

“I tell one client to ‘eat my ass’—five years ago, at that—and you can’t let it go????”  Dayl squealed.

“The fact that the client was a nun…”

“A raging, hormonal cunt of a nun.”

“…just goes to show how good you are at holding your tongue.”  I finished.

“She said we were going to hell ’cause of our spiritual beliefs!”  Dayl interjected.

“Wrong.”  I smiled as we approached the side of Dayl’s 4×4 pick up.  “She said you were going to hell because you asked her if nuns were allowed to masturbate as long as they didn’t take off their habits.  She thought I was lovely.”

“Which goes to show that she was a crazy bitch.”  Dayl flipped her wrist at me.

“People person.”  I gestured at myself.  “Sociopathic potty mouth.”

I then gestured at her.

“Please.”  Dayl clicked the remote to unlock her car door.  “Like you aren’t still curious.”

“About what?”

“About whether or not nuns are disallowed from masturbating by canonical beliefs or dogma.”

I took a quick step away from Dayl.


“Just don’t wanna be next to you when the lightning strikes is all.”  I grinned at her.

“Oh, shut up.”  Dayl snapped with mirth as she opened the driver door and hauled herself up into the driver’s seat.

She started her truck, fastened her seatbelt and then rolled down her window.

“You’re not even Christian.”  She snorted.

“Nope.”  I shook my head.  “But I figure why mess with a nun when she could very well be married to God?”

“Pussy.”  Dayl stated blandly before peeling out of the parking lot, barely missing me.

I waved—if you wanna call it that—as Dayl drove off towards the cow’s death site.  Whether or not I wanted to, I had to tend to some business, and the cold front that the weather station had predicted seemed to be moving in to town.  I settled into the driver’s seat of my own car, which was still dirty from the mud, and found my cell phone.  It took me a few moments to locate my notepad with Mrs. Cavanaugh’s number on it, but once I did, I dialed her up.

She seemed pleased that I was already getting a jump on things and wanting to meet with her again.  After a few moments of conversing, she agreed to meet me at her home.  I got the address from her and wrote it in my pad, promising to meet her in a half hour.  Her home was in one of the ritziest areas of the whole city.  Suffice it to say—Mr. Cavanaugh very well could have been holed up with his mistress.  However, I get paid by the hour—I wasn’t going to let this job go away that easy.

I took a quick moment alone in my car to give Amada a call at the house.  She informed that everything was going fine and that the kids got out of school early.  Due to the Halloween parties the school was having, not much schoolwork was getting done anyway.  I let Amada know to tell the kids to be in their costumes and ready to go when I got home from work.

Amada, always the organizer, asked if I would be spending the evening with the kids after or if she would be needed.  I frowned to myself, knowing the answer.  I let her know that I would more than likely have to meet up with Dayl later to discuss our case more.  She would be needed to watch the kids until bedtime.  She agreed with a cool tone and wished me good luck.  I found myself frowning deeply as I hung up my cell.

I frowned even harder as I realized how cool the enclosed car had gotten so quickly.  I lived in Texas.  It wasn’t supposed to be this cold before Halloween.  Here we were, almost to Halloween and it felt like late November.  I grumbled unhappily as I started up my car and pulled out of the parking lot.

I’m not one to complain too much about cool weather, especially since it’s always a welcome break from the horrible summers in Texas.  However, when fall settles in before Halloween that usually means that winter is going to be pretty harsh.  North Central Texas rarely gets snow during harsh winters—it gets ice.  I sighed to myself and turned on the radio to something Geoff would probably listen to at the office.  Maybe the mindless music would put a smile on my face.  I needed to get my happy mood in full gear before I got to Mrs. Cavanaugh’s home.



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