Fundraising…Hear Me Out…

Today on The Midnight Goose, I’m going to do something a little different.  We all know that I have a big heart, love animals (but not children—just kidding…mostly) and want to do nice things for my fellow humans.  Please stop laughing.  It hurts my feelings.  Just kidding.  We all know that I don’t have feelings.

Anyhoozles, today, I want to announce a fundraiser opportunity that has presented itself.  Now, look, I hate a fundraiser announcement as much as the rest of you guys.  It always seems like a ploy to yank the money directly out of people’s pockets.  And all of us are hustlin’ and strugglin’.  But, I got you.  I’m not asking you to hit a “donate via PayPal” button or any such nonsense and mindlessly throw your money at this particular fundraiser opportunity.  Hear me out…

Recently, on April 13th 2018, in Sherman, TX (a town down the road from where I live), the police department had to retire one of the canine “officers” that was narcotic certified and trained in tracking, handler protection, criminal apprehension, and article search.  Corporal Kaleb Edwards had been partnered with Baak (his canine “officer” and buddy) for 3 years.  So, you can imagine that Baak being retired has been a sad time for everyone at the police department.  Not to worry, though.  Baak is now living out the good life as a beloved pet to Corporal Edwards.

      **Pictures of Baak and Corporal Kaleb Edwards**

However, the Sherman PD is in need of a new Patrol Certified dog to take up Baak’s mantle.  A dog trained for multiple purposes, like Baak, can cost (high-end) up to $15,000.  With the breeding and training, this can be a costly venture.  But these dogs are an incredible asset to the police departments and communities that they serve.  As you can imagine, just like any investment that is not absolutely essential, getting funding can sometimes be an issue.

This is where The Midnight Goose—and y’all—come into play.  While Corporal Edwards hasn’t reached out and solicited any help from The Midnight Goose, Baak’s retirement hit a few heartstrings.  Corporal Edwards needs a new canine “officer” to train and work with, to help keep Sherman, TX as safe as possible for its citizens and law enforcement personnel.

The PRIDE Fund is set up through the City of Sherman, and anyone can go into the Sherman PD and speak to anyone about donating.  Citizens of Sherman (those that receive water/sewer services there) can donate $1 on their utility bills monthly.  However, only 50% goes directly to the K9 PRIDE Fund that helps with drug enforcement, such as for a new canine.  If you want to donate all of your money to finding a new canine officer to take up Baak’s mantle, you have to go into the police department and ask to donate directly to the K9 PRIDE Fund.  And no matter how much you donate, it will be greatly appreciated.

But I know some of you want to donate to this cause and just don’t have time to get down to the police department.  Here’s where a few clicks of your mouse and/or a few strokes of your keyboard can help.  Starting today and running until May 31st, 2018, 50% of all profits from The Midnight Goose Zazzle Store, and 50% of all profits from Allen T. St. Clair’s book sales will go directly to the K9 PRIDE Fund.  And not only are you donating to a worthy cause, you’ll also get a nifty book, t-shirt, coffee mug…and so forth.

So, do the right thing—go buy some merchandise or a book.  Or several of each.  That’s all up to you and your pocketbook (and conscious).  Or, if you prefer, go directly the Sherman Police Department and donate directly to the K9 PRIDE Fund.  The Sherman Police Department can be found at:

317 S. Travis St.

Sherman, TX 75090

(903) 892-7290 – ask for the K9 PRIDE Fund

In case you missed a link (somehow):

The Midnight Goose Zazzle Store

Allen’s Books – MKPI Odd Case Files: The Cow & The Coven

Side Note: Corporal Edwards did not solicit my help, so if there are any mistakes or incorrect facts/information in this post, it is solely my fault.  Don’t blame him or the Sherman PD, blame yours truly.


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