Blog Spectacular!

For those of you that devotedly follow The Midnight Goose–my “Goose Army”–this might be the first time you’ve been a blog follower.  Or even really read a blog.  At least, this may be the first time you’ve read a blog and known that you were reading a blog.  As I explained to JoJo when she said “I don’t even know how to find blogs online”, Huffington Post is technically a blog.  Buzzfeed is a blog.  A lot of the sites you go to daily online may very well be blogs, but you refer to them as “websites”.  In fact, a lot of websites started out as blogs and morphed into something different.  Or they just got fancier.

Regardless of semantics, there are probably millions of blogs out there covering a wide range of subjects.  From lifestyles, to photography, to food (one of the most popular), to politics, to blah blah blah.  You can find a blog covering almost any topic that you are interested in, or want to know more about.  They’re almost like amateur textbooks, those that are over a single subject.  I mean, there’s a blog on Tumblr that just posts pictures of Bea Arthur and food against landscape photos.  Yeah.  You can find anything on the interwebs.  It’s like internet rule #34–but not as gross.  Look up “Rule #34” on your own–I’m not Google.

So, in order to get more people interested in blogs (like that’s a service that’s desperately needed), here is a list of some of the blogs I adore and look at every single day.  And when they aren’t updated daily, I die a little inside.


The Bloggess – this is the super famous blog of one Jenny Lawson.  Yeah, that Jenny Lawson.  The author of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir and Furiously Happy–two books that I highly recommend.  She updates several times a week, and is absolutely hysterical.  Additionally, she’s very receptive to and encourages interaction with her followers.

Vasa and Ypres – the companion blog to the Vasa and Ypres stories/books, created by author J.B. Chisholm.  I can’t say enough about how enjoyable Vasa and Ypres are–and you can read a lot of their antics on the blog for free.  However, you can also buy a copy of the book here.

Advice I Needed Yesterday – It’s a blog about exactly what the title implies.  Finding out lessons the hard way and pointing out things that you just learned.  Captain Obvious moments.  The owner and operator is a writer that has traveled all over the world, sharing her experiences as she goes.  And she can be hilarious.  Check it out!

Hyperbole and a Half – This is a visual blog with lots of cartoons about ridiculous, over the top thoughts and experiences.  It doesn’t seem to have been updated recently, but the old stuff is absolutely priceless!

Herding Cats – This blog is run by Phoebe Holmes, and is an ongoing, online diary about raising children with special needs.  She has contributed to several online publications, including the aforementioned Huffington Post, and is super real, super honest, and super awesome at writing.  Additionally, she’s another blogger that encourages interaction with her followers.


Until next time…