Wednesday Bonus Blog – Kindle e-book Pre-orders Open!

Everyone remember this little book that I’ve been talking about forever??


Well, it’s now available to pre-order in Kindle e-book format!  Officially, it won’t be released until Friday 4/06/18…but why not make sure it will be delivered to your Kindle immediately upon release?

If you were wanting to order it in e-book format, now’s a great time to get your pre-order in so that you’ll be sure you have it right away!

Full disclosure – when the book/e-book are officially released on 4/6/18, when you buy a copy of the paperback, you can download the Kindle e-book for free.  Additionally, the e-book is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so when it’s released, you will be able to read it through that program if you are a member.  Lastly, the Kindle e-book will be in the lending library, so if you purchase it, you can loan it to one friend one time for two weeks so that they can read it.

Okay.  Now that my conscious is clear–start pre-ordering!