Siri Will Put You On A Watch List

If you read The Midnight Goose with any regularity, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Litsy, Pinterest, etc…you know that I write books.  I write all kinds of stories–but MKPI Odd Case Files: The Cow & The Coven (“dropping 4/6/18”–as the missus would put it), is an urban paranormal mystery.  It’s centered around two private investigators (Dayl Mayeaux and Zephyr Klynick) that own their own agency and take on “odd” cases.  Because of these characters and what they do for a living, I tend to do a lot of research about private investigators, guns, law, witchcraft, and violent…things.

Some of my research I do the old fashioned way–in hard copies of books that cover a range of topics.  It’s a slow process using this method, and you can easily get information that is out of date–or at least not the most accurate.  So, sometimes I resort to reliable and credible sources online.  In fact, about 75% of my research is done online.  However, I’m not always right in front of my laptop, so sometimes I use my iPhone to look up information I get curious about immediately so that I don’t forget by the time I get home to the laptop.

Due to the nature of the things I look up, it suddenly dawned on me that if someone were ever to go through my browser history, or could get a record of the questions I have asked Siri, I would probably end up on a watch list.  At the very least, I would become a person of interest to the government and other law agencies since they’d begin to suspect that I was plotting a slew of murders or at least some type of violence against others.  And, let’s be honest, Siri is a lil’ bitch.  She’d sell ya’ up the river quick as she’d look at ya’.

Additionally, the bitch just picks and chooses which information that she is willing to share.  If you ask how to get away with a murder, she blabs like a stool pigeon…but as soon as you ask how to hide the body, she acts like she doesn’t know a damn thing.  Here’s the receipts on her bitch ass:

So, not only is Siri not as completely helpful as she could be…she’s just biding her time, waiting until the government gets involved.  Then she’ll have plausible deniability.  “But officers, I just told him how to get away with murder–not how to hide the body–and here are all the questions he asked me about harming others.  I think he’s a serial killer!”

Of course, Siri having evidence of your gruesome web searches isn’t nearly as bad as reading this in a public library:
Until next time…