You’re Not A Prince/Princess…No Matter What Your Mommy Told You

So, recently I was talking with a friend about how some folks in burgeoning (or even established) relationships feel it is their partner’s duty to make them feel special.  They want to be wooed.  They want to be chased.  They want to be made to feel as though the other person’s sole aim in life is to chase after them and let them know that they are all that matters in the world.

Could these people fuckin’ quit already?

Title Shout Out: you’re not a prince or princess!

I know that’s kind of the narrative nowadays:

“He needs to make me feel like a princess!”

“Let him know that he’s your king!”

Excuse me for a second….


Look, it’s great to feel important to the person that you’re in a relationship with.  Obviously.  It’s nice to feel like you’re the whole world to someone.  But this is not healthy.  If someone’s whole world is you, or someone is your whole world–what the fuck are you doing with your life?!?  I love my wife more than anything, but I would hate to think that she couldn’t go on with her life if I died suddenly or something.  Hopefully she’d find some rich guy and be taken care of the rest of her life–that thought brings me peace and comfort.

In a healthy relationship, you are in it because you want to be in it–not because you need something from someone.  And in a healthy relationship (whether it is romantic, family, friends), both parties should be letting each other know how important they are to each other.  When something in someone brings you joy–you should speak it.  Not wait until they do it first.

If someone expects you to do all of the work, they’re not looking for a relationship–they’re looking to have someone else fulfill them.

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Do yourself a favor, peeps.  If someone plays these types of games…peace out.  Find somebody that will get as close to meeting you halfway as possible.  And while it is nearly impossible for any relationship to be 50/50, one person can’t be doing 100% of the work and still call that a relationship.  Know your worth, know what you are and aren’t willing to put up with, and remember that bitches are a dime a dozen.

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Until next time…