Do My Work For Me

By now, you should all know that I’m a Pinterest fella, and enjoy spending time pinning shit–even if I have no intention of doing or buying any of the stuff I pin.  In fact, I would say that 99.9% of that shit is just never going to happen.  But it sure is fun to pretend that I’m going to make a “London Fog Cake” someday.  I mean, surely I’ll find a day where baking a cake that takes 219 steps isn’t that big of a deal.

However, I had a stroke of brilliance (at least in my mind) about how to delegate some of my Pinterest responsibilities.  Here’s where all of you come in.  There are A LOT of products that I pin because they’re unbelievably cool…or just unbelievable.  If we all work together (meaning, some of you buy them and try them while I sit back and observe), we can get all of these products tried.

So, in the spirit of getting you all involved (read, “laziness), I’m going to list a few products that I need tried out so I know if they’re worth the money.  It is incumbent upon all of you to buy one (or all) of these products, try them, and report back.  How’s that for an interactive blog, bitches??  Here we go:


Clip-On 2 in 1 Cell Phone Lens

Okay, so this thing is supposed to make your cell phone into like a professional camera.  I need to know if this shit is real, ’cause it could change my life.  And if you can change your life for $16–why not??


Progressive Can Colander

This “can colander” looks like a game changer for cans of tuna.  Get on it, folks!


Star Wars Light Saber Popsicle Maker

Do I even need to explain why this is worth the money?  I mean…Light. Saber. Popsicles.


Microfiber Blind Duster

All right.  This is a little domestic of me–but if an $8 product will make this chore easier I need to know right the fuck now.


Harry Potter Wand TV Remote

Again–do I need to explain why this is cool??  You can control your T.V. with a wand.  With a WAND!!  It cost $50…so if one of y’all could buy it and try it first, that’d be great.

So, if any of you are so inclined to buy and/or try these products (or maybe you already have), feel free to comment, share pics–just let a blogga know if it’s worth spending a few bucks on these awesome things.


Until next time…



  1. The light saber Popsicle maker has to be worth it.. It’s a flashlight too that shines up into the Popsicle or no? If not, they need to do that. Wait for that version.

  2. Yes to the cell phone lens. I did not personally try it, but I know someone who uses one for extreme close ups of his art.

    • I was thinking about getting one so I can take better photos for my recipe posts so that I don’t have to break out my clunky camera in the future. Might have to look into this….

  3. The house shoes that “dust your floors” are BS. You’re welcome 😉

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