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If you’ve been following The Midnight Goose (and, if you haven’t, what the fuck is wrong with you?), you know that the missus and I enjoy books.  Even more than books, we love bookstores–’cause how ya’ gonna read books without going to a bookstore?  That last sentence may lead you to believe I’ve never read a book in my life.  So…I previously posted about another favorite bookstore, Jackson Street Booksellers in Omaha, Nebraska.  Keeping with the spirit of that post, today’s post is about a bookstore in another place you wouldn’t expect: Burlington, Iowa.

Burlington By The Book is a relatively small bookstore that manages to pack a good selection, and a great experience between the walls of the shop.  Burlington, Iowa is a cute little city on the Mississippi River, and the bookstore itself is less than five minutes away from the river by foot.  So, not only can you buy a book while visiting, you can walk (or drive, if you are lazy like me) down to the riverfront and enjoy walking along the Mississippi.  There are also a lot of nice, comfy benches if you would like to have a sit down while enjoying the scenery.  Obviously, you can also use the benches to sit and read the book(s) you just bought…

The front of Burlington By The Book – from Google
The display window up close – from Google
Inside the store – from my iPhone

Burlington By The Book is located at 301 Jefferson St. in Downtown Burlington.  Now, I was born in Fort Madison, Iowa, just fifteen minutes away–and I spent a lot of time in the southeast corner of Iowa growing up.  However, it wasn’t until April of 2017 that the wife and I happened upon the store on a road trip.  Of course, I’m not entirely sure how long the store has been open (online research is boring), so maybe I didn’t miss it for too many years.  Regardless, I was so glad that Jodi (the missus) insisted that we visit as many unique bookstores during our road trip across Nebraska and Iowa.  Otherwise, we never would have happened upon this shop either.

While the store is small, as mentioned, it doesn’t lack charm and excitement.  There is plenty to choose from book-wise, as well as bookish gifts, and gifts with a local flair.  Additionally, like a lot of smaller, independent bookstores, they have shelves reserved for local and self-published authors, which I adore.  The owner/operator is a very nice, friendly fella that will help you find anything you need or enthusiastically discuss any book/series that you’re interested in.  In fact, I don’t think there’s any book of which he doesn’t hold at least a little knowledge.

The missus and I were so enamored with the store and owner, we actually made it a point to stop by again during a road trip to Dubuque, Iowa in November of last year.  And the store was just as charming and cozy as before–and the owner still just as friendly.  In fact, he gave me a free tote in which to haul away all of the books I bought–but I think the totes were free merch he had lying around, so don’t go in asking for free shit.  If you do, we never met and I think you’re on drugs.  That’s my side of this discussion, anyway.

Anyhoozles, if you ever find yourself in southeast Iowa (and you should tour southeast Iowa to Northeast Iowa along the Mississippi once in your life), stop by Burlington By The Book.  You won’t regret it–and I assure you that you’ll leave with at least one new book in your possession.

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