Who Wants Some Merchandise?

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If you’re currently signed up to receive The Midnight Goose blog newsletter, then this will be old news to you.  However, if you haven’t signed up—why not???—I’m posting today to break the news that The Midnight Goose blog has merchandise.  You can buy t-shirts (up to 5XL – bigger sizes are an extra $5), a canvas book bag, and (my favorite) a coffee mug.

If you click on the picture above, you can head over to the official The Midnight Goose blog store on Zazzle and pick up some “goose love” for yourself.  Buy a t-shirt, wear it everywhere, be a walking billboard for my blog.  Buy the canvas bag, take it shopping at the grocery store and bookstore and wait for people to ask “What the hell is…The Midnight Goose???”  Take the coffee mug to work (don’t worry—there’s nothing offensive on it), and advertise to your coworkers that you enjoy reading this blog.  Spread the goose love!

And there’s currently a 15% off deal on the coffee mug and canvas book bag, as well as a 40% off deal on the t-shirt!  All products are $22 or less (before the discounts)!

Until next time…