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Okay.  I’m tubbly and I like food.  Maybe I like food because I’m tubbly, or maybe I’m tubbly because I like food.  It’s a chicken/egg scenario, really, but either way, you’re getting a recipe today.  Actually, it’s not so much a recipe as a “method” for cooking one of my favorite vegetables—Brussels sprouts*.  When I was growing up—like most kids growing up, I loved Brussels sprouts.  Ok.  I was a weird child that enjoyed almost all vegetables—but then again, I’ve just loved food my entire life, so that explains that.  Except sauerkraut.  And sweet potatoes.  And beets.  Yuck.

Anyhow, the reason that I think that a lot of people don’t like Brussels sprouts is that they’ve just never had them roasted—which is the most delicious way to cook almost anything.  I’d probably eat my own foot if it had been slow roasted for four hours and had a nice, caramelized brown crust straight out of the oven.  Again, I’m tubbly.  I like to eat.  Most people tell me that they hate Brussels sprouts–but I really feel like it’s because they have only eaten them steamed or boiled.  Roasting shit will change your life!!!  Not literal shit.  That’s just one of the quickest ways to find yourself in a 5250 hold scenario–and it’s Friday.  Don’t ruin your weekend being a weirdo.

Fun fact: It’s Brussels sprouts, not Brussel sprouts.  Also, no one can agree if the “B” should be capitalized or not, so I’m going with capitalized.  They’re named after a town in Belgium after all, so capitalized feels right.

So, in order to convert all of you Brussels sprouts haters, I’m going to tell you the best way to make them, and also include some pictures that will make your mouth water.  If you already love these beautiful, green gifts from God, but have never had them roasted—this is a game changer.


4 cups of Brussels sprouts, halved, with tough stems trimmed (or just buy one of those plastic tubs in the produce section—sometimes they’re already halved and cleaned for you)

4 tbsp olive oil

Salt & Pepper

Yeah.  That’s all.  Carrying on:

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees

Halve and trim the stems of your Brussels sprouts and toss them into a large bowl.  If you bought the precleaned/pretrimmed kind, just dump the plastic tub into a big bowl.


The tub I bought had the stems trimmed and were cleaned, but I had to halve them myself.  Life is hard sometimes and you just have to be a grown-up about it.

Drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper to taste.  If I were to give exact measurements, maybe ¼ tsp of salt, and up to ¼ tsp pepper.  But feel free to use less or more (but try not to use more—it’s not healthy and takes away from the natural flavor of the Brussels sprouts).  Kosher salt is really great for Brussels sprouts because it also adds a nice crunchy crust once they’re done.  Whichever type of salt and/or the amount you use–you do you, boo.


Using clean, dry hands (or a big spoon), toss the Brussels sprouts to distribute the oil and seasoning.  I suggest a spoon because otherwise you have greasy “olive oil hands” and have to stop to wash with warm soap and water.  Who needs that kind of inconvenience?


Dump the Brussels sprouts on an unlined, ungreased baking sheet (with a rim), CUT SIDE DOWN and place in the oven to roast.  Cooking time depends on the size of your Brussels sprouts.  Small to medium sprouts take 20-30 minutes.  Larger sprouts can take 30-45 minutes.  Regardless of size, you want to roast them until the cut side that is against the baking sheet is starting to get nice and caramelized, and the rounded tops are starting to get charred.  Once they start going from a bright green on top to a more sage-y or light olive green, they’re done enough–but I let them roast a few minutes past that stage.


Please excuse the fact that my baking sheet has seen better days.  Don’t act like yours doesn’t look the same.  By the way–notice how a lot of food bloggers always have pristine cooking/baking implements?  Do they even really cook?  I don’t think so.  Posers.

Anyhoozles, once you’ve reached the aforementioned stage of roasting, remove your pan from the oven, remove the Brussels sprouts with a spatula, and eat immediately.  Yum!


Yum!  Don’t they look delicious (along with the Greek Orzo salad that I paired them with)??  Anyway, feel free to make them, and then thank me via the blog, Facebook, email, text, or when you run into me at Books-A-Million.  Happy eating!

Until next time…


* You thought my tubbly self would have a recipe for some type of cheesecake or triple-fried donuts, huh?



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