Jackson Street Booksellers: A Favorite Bookstores Post

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One of the reason that I wanted to start my blog The Midnight Goose (besides shamelessly self-promoting my writing projects), was so that I could share the things I love with a wider audience.  Hopefully y’all will enjoy the things I share and feel inspired to share some of your favorite things as well.  Whether you choose to join the fun, or simply watch from the sidelines, one of my greatest loves and passions is (obviously) books.  Along those lines, it’s obvious that I absolutely adore a good bookstore.

Around home, we don’t have a ton of really awesome bookstores—but we do have a nice used bookstore called Book Rack (which I for some reason have to call THE Book Rack).  Because of this, I usually just hit the local Books-A-Million, which is definitely not a horrible place to browse, especially since they have a coffee shop inside as well.  I mean, you can’t really beat a Café Mocha while browsing God’s most beautiful bestowment—books.

Well, JoJo (the wife) and I have to drive anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to get to a really excellent bookstore—or one that is more exciting than we are used to.  Because of this, anytime we go on a road trip, we do our best to hit at least a couple of bookstores.  And we’ve found some really awesome bookstores—encouraging us to travel more and more, simply to browse for and buy books.  Every now and again, I want to use my platform to share some of my favorites with you—and today, it’s Jackson Street Booksellers in Omaha, Nebraska is in the spotlight.

Located at 1119 Jackson Street in Omaha, at first, the bookstore looks like any other unassuming storefront in an older brick building.  Jackson Street Booksellers sells used books and is in The Old Market section of Omaha, and is located near seafood restaurants, Mexican grills, sushi restaurants, pizzarias and taprooms, brewing companies, outdoor cafes, and more.  It’s a truly unique section of Omaha that feels a little gentrified, but still a little funky, too.  If you ever get done browsing books in the bookstore, there’s a ton more to grab your attention nearby.  Word of advice—if you’re going to do more than visit Jackson Street Booksellers, park your car and walk everywhere.  You’ll thank me later when you don’t commit vehicular manslaughter.

If you pay attention to my posts on this blog, you will have read the post about my favorite things.  In that post, I mention Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.  Read that book (you won’t regret it).  Then you’ll have a very good idea of what it’s like to walk into Jackson Street Booksellers.  Walking in the front door, your attention is drawn to the check-out area to your left, and even though it’s a very unique check-out counter, your attention won’t stay there long.

Bookshelves line the perimeter walls, climbing so high you will get a crick in your neck trying to see the top clearly.  Bookshelves in rows, bookshelves in clusters, books lining the floor, books lining every available surface, books piled high on tables, books piled in chairs, and industrial lighting shooting out here and there can be absolutely overwhelming.  When I first took in the shelves (soooooo many shelves), I didn’t even know where to begin.  And while I began to feel anxious at first—I mean, where do you start in a place like that?—it wasn’t long before JoJo and I had figured out where to look for the genre signs on the shelves, and we were off and running.

Admittedly, I only bought one book while we were in Jackson Street Booksellers—but in my defense, it was the first bookstore on a very long road trip.  I didn’t want to start off strong and sputter out towards the end.  However, the book I purchased was a used copy of My Antonia, which I had been meaning to read for many years.  Here, I found an old—but exquisitely preserved—copy for a mere 6 bucks.  Time and money well spent if you ask me.  And it was in the “Nebraska Authors” section, so that made it an even greater find!

So, I know people hear “Nebraska” and they think of cornfields.  However, Omaha is actually a very cool town that I wish JoJo and I had taken more time to explore.  Regardless, if you’re ever in the area, stopping at Jackson Street Booksellers is an absolute must.  You won’t regret it, and you may even find your own little $6 treasure.

Until next time…


P.S. LOVED My Antonia!  I described it on Litsy as a “grown-up, romantic language filled Little House on the Prairie.”  So, if that sounds appealing to you, maybe you should order yourself a copy…or hope you can find another copy when you visit Omaha…?



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