Grape Flavored Salt Water

I’m a little late getting this news out to everyone, seeing that I was locked in a cage match to the death with Satan this last week.  I won, but the battle is still kinda raging–stay tuned for any changes.  A strong cough and a desire to sleep 23 hours a day are still prevalent.  However, if a cough and general weakness and lethargy were ever indicative of progressed cancer, I’ll be shocked to learn it.

Anyhoo…this came in the mail last week:


That’s right…a proof of the first book I plan to release this year.  MKPI Odd Case Files: The Cow & The Coven.  However, I was busy, as I mentioned.  I was trying to figure out why Pedialyte tastes like salty, grape (or cherry) flavored water.  Also, I was considering whether or not I could trust my farts or if I would be betrayed.  Additionally, Jodi was making up my last will and testament.  Just for funsies.  Last week was a rollercoaster, folks.

For those that have been my friends for a while, you may recognize this book.  I originally coauthored it with Lorraine Thomas back in 2013.  However, she lost interest in the book, so I’ve secured all the rights and plan to release a reimagined and rewritten second edition of it, and then turn it into a series!  Everyone that has asked in the past about a sequel…well, it will be coming out later this year, too!

There should be a lot of book news coming out this year, so I hope to get you all excited to read all of the books I plan to pump out in an obvious ploy to raid your bank accounts.

But, I won’t get ahead of myself, nor will I inundate you with inconsequential details right now.  In the meantime, I am working on doing a final read-through and edit, completing my dance with Death, and getting this blog running more smoothly.

Until next time…

I promised myself that I wouldn’t mention Jodi and my imminent death/murder in every single blog post, but as of this post, I’m batting zero.