The Midnight Goose – But Why??

Ok.  I named my blog The Midnight Goose.  That doesn’t really relate to anything–and it doesn’t really scream “lifestyle”.  I get your confusion.  I really do.  And I cared enough (but barely) to explain it to everyone joining me in my adventure.

You can Google (that ole chestnut) the phrase “the goose flies at midnight” and get a ton of different answers as to what this phrase means.  Some folks will tell you it is a code that spies use, or it’s part of the “Bro Code” for alerting bros to their wives or girlfriends showing up, or just an alert when everything is going to shit.  For me, this final definition is what most accurately describes the title of the blog.

In the past, “the goose flies at midnight” has been used as a call to arms between myself and my friends.  Maybe we need to clear the vicinity for one reason or another, maybe we need to “ride or die”, or maybe we’re signaling the need to go pick up ice cream.  It was a versatile tool for us.

Lately, the phrase runs through my head when I walk in on Jodi watching T.V. shows like Snapped, Scorned, or Deadly Wives.  I mean, she’s never so much as given me a violent pinch, but something is brewing in that noggin of hers.  And when someone snaps, don’t they normally go after the person closest to them?

So, not totally proven, but my wife might want to kill me.  I don’t blame her.  She’s put upon.  I’m a handful.  And to rub salt into the wound, I’m making it more difficult for her to carry out the perfect murder by blogging about my suspicions.  That alone, if anything, is a “the goose flies at midnight” moment.

Needless to say, my level of anxiety is always at a “the goose flies at midnight” level.  No.  Not because Jodi is plotting to kill me (allegedly), but because I naturally am an anxious, too much mental energy type fellow.  Frenetic even.  Ya’ know, the kind that walks in on his wife innocently watching Netflix and then immediately calls to cancel his life insurance policy before hiding the knives.

Sure–it’s a land of make believe constructed entirely within my own head.  But this blog is an invitation for all of you to jump on board, join the journey, and see where my unfocused and frenetic mind takes us.  Word of wisdom–buckle up.


A visual representation of me walking in on Jodi watching Snapped.


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